The Navarro Report on Election Irregularities

The Navarro Report on Election Irregularities

White House economist Peter Navarro has provided a great public service by meticulously detailing the range of voter irregularities that occurred across the nation involving the 2020 presidential election. It is without doubt the best compendium of irregularities concerning the election – and may be the best documentation of voter fraud ever. He named the Report, “The Immaculate Deception: Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities” – but it is best known simply as “The Navarro Report.”

As a professional economist, Navarro has offered up a highly credible academic analysis of the various activities that appear to have undermined the accuracy of the vote count. He does not overtly state that President Trump was the true winner of the election – and certainly not the landslide winner that Trump proclaims – but the inference is clear.

Navarro does identify sufficient frauds, irregularities and questionable actions that leave the true count and the true outcome in question. If all the points Navarro raises were deemed to be accurate AND enforceable by law, it would be sufficient to reverse the outcome of the election. But he leaves that final judgment to the reader.

Navarro avoids the two pitfalls that have prevented a consensus of public understanding of the controversial issues surrounding the election. He credibly catalogs the many examples of irregularities – examples that were otherwise scattered about the media-sphere with limited or inaccurate analyses.

We may have seen snips and pieces of the information found in the Report, but not such a professional summary as we find in this well-researched and well-written document. It is noteworthy that Navarro was not assigned this task by the President – and it was not issued under the auspices of the White House. It was a personal project – a labor of love, if it can be called that.

The Report clearly and effectively rebuts the mendacious mantra of Democrats and a corrupt news media that no fraud or irregularities existed in the 2020 election … none … nada. As preposterous as that may be, the biased media has convinced much of the public that their false narrative is fact-based. It is an example of the classic propaganda technique of repeating the BIG LIE and censoring all information that disproves their bogus contention.

I have yet to see Navarro on any of the anti-Trump networks. There is virtually no mention – much less honest journalistic consideration – of the detailed information contained in the Report. They offer no counterclaims, but merely reject voter fraud out-of-hand – a strong sign that much of the information in the Report may be irrefutable.

Conversely, Navarro has based his Report on the enormous volume of witness testimony, sworn affidavits, data analysis and the evidence found by the many and diverse individuals and organizations that have investigated specific accusations of vote fraud. We must keep in mind that of the dozens of court cases that have ensued from the election, only three were filed on behalf of the Trump campaign. Most of them were individual and uncoordinated actions by civic-minded individuals and groups.

In terms of the battleground states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, Navarro found substantiated “widespread” irregularities in virtually all of them. The six categories Navarro measured were “Outright Voter Fraud,” “Ballot Mishandling,” “Contestable Process Fouls,” “Equal Protection Clause Violations,” “Voting Machine Irregularities” and “Significant Statistical Anomalies.”

The biggest issue is the implausible number of Biden votes that flowed into the count at a time Trump appeared – by all standards – to have the victory at hand. The fact that Biden is said to have surmounted the more than 550,000 insurmountable lead in Pennsylvania is highly suspect. Producing “whatever is needed in any way possible” has been a standard practice of the urban Democrat political machines. These last-minute voter trajectory reversals are iconic – and inexplicable outside of vote count manipulation.

It is not surprising that the flood of last-minute ballots came largely from the major metropolitan areas in the battleground states that are controlled by one-party authoritarian political machines – Democrat machines. It is typical.

What distinguishes the 2020 election is the scope of the corrupt activities AND the failure of a free and independent news media to investigate and report objectively – but rather to shill for the Democrats out of an obsessive, irrational and irresponsible hatred for Trump and, tangentially, for the entire Republican population.

The reason the 2020 election will never be resolved as a legitimate reflection of the public franchise is because the institutions that have responsibility for investigating the various accusations failed to do so. The media took upsides in the contest and the courts demurred on hearing the evidence. The issues surrounding the election have never been subjected to any fair hearing.

That is why so many Republican officeholders are unwilling to concede a Biden victory. It is why so many of America’s voters do not believe that the election was free from significant fraud and irregularities.

In response to the recent Rasmussen poll, 62 percent of Republicans believe that it is “Very likely that Democrats have stolen the election.” That is an enormous population – too large to legitimately dismiss as mindless kooks as the left-wing media alleges. But even more telling – although not reported in the anti-Trump media – is that 28 percent of independent voters and 17 percent of Democrats also believe the election was stolen. Those numbers are too large to simply attribute the claims to the whining of sore losers.

Despite the comprehensive analysis of the Navarro Report, it is unlikely that the current outcome will be overturned. It has more to do with the fact that vote fraud is very difficult to prove in a court-of-law – especially when the local prosecutors and judges are part of the political machine that does the stealing.

Because the claims of fraud and irregularity are SO pervasive – and they have not been properly and fairly investigated and adjudicated – the 2020 presidential election will go down as one of the most controversial in American history. Biden will not only not have a mandate, but the cloud of illegitimacy will forever hang over his term in office – and the Navarro Report will live on to be one of the documents that ensures that outcome.

So, there ‘tis.

13 thoughts on “The Navarro Report on Election Irregularities

  1. If Mr Navarro has all these facts and a report available why then doesn’t he produce this so we can clear up the election fraud, it would be welcome to see the documented proof. And I am sure the faithful would also be pleased to know this was a stolen election

    1. I agree, Mike. I live in Nevada, and yes I have seen many ‘crooks’ with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar, but this is the worse I have experienced and I am 71-years-young.

  2. I agree. Also ,I read an article by David P. Goldman, from January 11, 2021, suggesting the best hope for successful suits over the huge and multiple election fraudsis to take them to civil courts. Mr. Navarro, thank you for your research. Please take the next step. We can never trust elections again unless all this fraud is exposed, prosecuted , convicted, and corrected.

    1. Even though it might have been stolen. We can’t lose the fact that we still have to vote for who we think should be in office. If we do, the Democrats win, without stealing it. We must still let the people hear our voices. SO PLEASE CONTINUE TO VOTE.

  3. Anyone who believes that the election was legit, I have some ocean front property in Arizona for sale. Of course anyone with a fifth grade education knows that there is no such thing
    as ocean front property in Arizona.

  4. So let’s get it out to the people of America for all to see for their selfs, and put it in the hands of the rightful winner. Trump,
    This is not fair to the people and to Trump, Why give it to a party that’s evil and dishonest.
    By doing this the right way puts the trust in government back in the minds of America.
    This is not helping the republicans. Only the party that is so far left, and what does this say .
    Cheating wins?

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