DeSantis Fights Election Fraud

DeSantis Fights Election Fraud

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced new proposed Florida election rules to a crowd in West Palm Beach on Friday. The State of Florida leads the nation in efficiency of vote counting and election security, but loopholes exist. Governor DeSantis plans to close them, and “stay ahead of the curve.” 

“Last November, Florida held the smoothest, most successful election of any state in the country,” Governor DeSantis told the crowd. “While we should celebrate this feat, we should not rest on our laurels. Today, we are taking action to ensure that Florida remains a leader on key issues regarding our electoral process, such as ballot integrity, public access to election information, transparency of election reporting and more. By strengthening these election integrity protections, we will ensure that our elections remain secure and transparent, and that Florida’s electoral process remains a blueprint for other states to follow.” 

The purpose of the proposed legislation is to stop voter fraud and close existing loopholes. Ultimately preventing what happened that cost President Donald Trump the election. To secure the vote, DeSantis’ proposed legislation includes, among others, the following policies: increase security of ballot drop boxes, disallow people from possessing ballots other than their own or of immediate family, require yearly requests for mail-in ballots, allow political party representatives to observe the signature comparison process, and require the Supervisor of Elections to report the number of ballots requested, the number received, and the number yet to be counted. 

“We want everyone to vote, but we don’t want anyone to cheat,” declared DeSantis. “No state has as much transparency as much as the state of Florida, but I think this proposal will strengthen us even more.” 

Of course, Democrats argue against such steps to secure the election process.  Florida Representative Charlie Crist (D-St. Petersburg), who is a potential 2022 gubernatorial candidate, stated, “Florida’s 2020 election was historic – record-breaking turnout and virtually no issues. We should be building on it by making it easier for Floridians to make their voices heard – not harder. Gov. DeSantis’ proposal goes in the wrong direction, it’s a nakedly partisan political play.” 

This new legislation is to make the Florida election process even more secure. Florida House Speaker Chris Sprowls and Senate President Wilton Simpson in a joint statement said, “Rather than resting on our laurels and congratulating one another on a successful 2020 election, our time is best spent preparing for 2022 and beyond. We don’t want to backslide. We are here to keep Florida a model for the rest of America.” 

14 thoughts on “DeSantis Fights Election Fraud

  1. You can count on the Democrats to further weaken America and make us more vulnerable to certain more aggressive countries. China for one!

  2. John is spot on…picture ID should be mandatory. The ONLY American citizens that should be allowed to vote via mail would be our military and citizens employed outside the country.

  3. I quite agree with the comments and with what the Governor wants to do. I have said for years that Voter ID should be in EVERY state, bit it probably won’t happen!
    What do you have to be afraid of by showing your driver’s license??? (Maryland gives Driver’s Licenses to illegals because we are a sanctuary state! )
    I totally agree that the only mail in votes should be from the military or if you work out of country. An exception could be made for the elderly or the disabled
    Linda M.

  4. D’Santis one of the few governors actually working to improve his state rather than pocket $$& for himself.

    He has a common sense approach to solving problems…much like President Trump has.

    Let’s hope he remains in Florida to run the state….we get better and better everyday.

  5. You have to be explicit when talking about mail in voting, it must be only” ABSENTEE BALLOTS ONLY “ and the voter needs to have a residential address, NO P.O.BOX!!!!!
    Photo I.D. Is also a must. If you board an airplane you need a I.D., a cruise ship, boarder crossing, cashing a check at a bank you need an I.D. Just common sense. Why do you have a picture drivers license ? Identification, plain and simple, if you don’t want to be identified then you must be anticipating fraud! So why is there such a big issue with I.D.‘s , my take would be an opportunity to commit fraud without detection. The 2020 election comes to mind!

  6. You tell’m Guv,huh !! The only reason a CLOWN like Crist would say that is to LIE like Democrats do. It’s all part of their plan to steal another election and not have accountability or transparency so they can manipulate the whole country into another massive fraud situation!! Typical!!

  7. In most European countries, mail-in voting is NOT even allowed because they know it is an invitation for fraud. I don’t mind going to my polling place and voting in person with picture I.D. if that is what it takes to keep elections honest.

  8. Charley Crist is Florida’s very own version of aoc or Pelosi and if he thinks that the Demonrats way is so right then maybe he should move to either commiefonia or NYC

  9. Picture ID needs to be in place across the country. And when wanting mail’in, you need to show picture ID. If machines are used NO plugging in to internet. I think go back to old way of counting ballots. We see the machines have created lots of issues.

  10. It makes me both sad and mad that the Democrats even use this as their party’s name. I’m from the south where most folks, including my parents were proud Democrats where their policies and practices in no way resembled this Socialist Party of today.

  11. Only a fool or democrat won’t admit the democrats flat stole the presidential election. I’ve witnessed many thing on God’s green earth in my going on eight-four years, however, I’ve seen more back stabbing, lying and cheating in the past several years than ever before and it sure looks as it will get worst. That is if we do nothing to stop it. You and I know that Safe guards such a voter picture ID and other VALLID reasons with no mail- in ballots accepted.
    What I’m really worried and concerned about is not the theft from out side this country but from the inside with the recent decision by our Un-Supreme court not to investigate the thief in PA.
    See what the my pillow man Mike Lindell has to say about the election being stolen as his site at Absolute Truth. Com and support him where you can. We must fist this war, and it is a war, and WIN.

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