DNA Detectives: Solving A 36 Year Old Cold Case

DNA Detectives: Solving A 36 Year Old Cold Case

The 36 year old case of Wendy Jerome’s rape and murder got some closure when Timothy Williams, 56 of Melbourne FL., was arrested by the NY Rochester Police. The Rochester police confirmed that Timothy Williams had been arrested for the crime, which he committed when he was only 14.

During a familial DNA search by law enforcement. Familial DNA is used for finding partial genetic matches, when an exact match to DNA is not found in the system, a familial DNA search may provide information by helping identify parents, children & siblings linked to the source DNA. This method was used to catch the Golden State Killer. In 2008 this serial killer was identified and captured after a 30 year crime spree when officials uploaded the killer’s DNA profile from a Ventura County rape kit to the personal genomics website GEDmatch. About a dozen of the killer’s direct family members were identified, and through an investigation detectives honed in on Joseph James DeAngelo as the murderer.

“It’s over,” cried mom Marlene Jerome. “It’s finally over. Our family can go on with their lives.”

Wendy’s left for a friends and never came home on thanksgiving Day 1984.Her body was found next to a large trash bin and in such a condition that officials had difficulty discussing the scene . “Honestly, the extent of the injuries are too horrendous to talk about here,” Rochester Police Capt. Frank Umbrino said during a news conference at the time.

Even after uploading DNA evidence to the FBI database and getting no hits, investigators did a familial DNA search that identified relatives of the suspect and directly led to the suspect’s arrest. In 2020, Williams was arrested and extradited to New York, where the crime happened. Williams trial is scheduled for June 7, 2021.

Jerome never thought this day would come. “I just wish my husband was alive to see this,” she said. “He died in 2011. And I know he’s up there, with her, smiling.”

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  1. Another New Yorker who moved to Florida. Imagine that!!!!
    Even the murderers move out of NY!!!!
    lucky for this POS that he committed the murder in leftist run NY. They will consider the past 36 years as “time served” and give him probation.
    Sounds ludicrous doesn’t it. But we’re living in a ludicrous country and NY is one of the most ludicrous states in a ludicrous country.

  2. Were are all the good people that should be organizing and picketing these criminals that God only know who voted for. Almost all postings on these websites are conservatives and yet we had an election ripped from our grips by a bunch of amoral frauds, perverts, and criminally responsible judges in our voting booths. America is being punished by our Creator for our sin of tolerating the murder of the innocents and elderly. This entire Administration and the other criminals in the FBI, CIA, DOJ, IRS, and their collaborators in Congress belong behind bars for their rimes aagainst the Americaan People and our Constitution.

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