Mark Cuban Defends Disrespect

Mark Cuban Defends Disrespect

 “The National Anthem Police in this country are out of control. If you want to complain, complain to your boss and ask why they don’t play the National Anthem every day before you start work,” tweets Mark Cuban to defend denying NBA Mavericks fans passion of listening to the anthem of the United States of America before games.

“Oh, say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave?”

This line of The Star Spangled Banner, a tune fondly playing in our minds, was written by Francis Scott Key after witnessing the bombardment of Ft. McHenry while detained aboard a British ship on September 14, 1814. Imagine watching your home amidst the onslaught of a force wanting to take it from you. Feel that sinking feeling in your stomach!

“O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave”

The Star Spangled Banner, on July 26, 1889, was officially designated to be the anthem of our nation by President Herbert C. Hoover. Why?  This line swells our hearts, making us feel pride in our nation and all we have accomplished since our sacred document, The Constitution of the United States of America, was signed on September 17, 1787 by our founding fathers.

This powerful, eloquent tone has driven us to defend and better our nation for over 130 years. Silently singing the anthem in their memory propels our troops forward to protect all our nation represents, steeled by the patriotism underpinning our national pride.  So why would a citizen of our great land, the only true democracy on our entire planet, disrespect the anthem representing the passion with which we defend our shores?

We holler the anthem at public gatherings and pledge our allegiance to the flag to remind us of all our land is, to exhibit our pride, and fill our hearts with bravery. We sing to celebrate and unify us as negotiate with the world all around us. So how can we let a single team in a major sporting organization disgrace our nation and all who have fought for it by not allowing fans to hear feel the passion for our nation?

“We respect and always have respected the passion people have for the anthem and our country. But we also loudly hear the voices of those who feel that the anthem does not represent them,” says Mark Cuban, attempting to defend his despicable decision.

This anthem represents our country, our national culture.  How can the pride to fight for our land not be respected?  Whether you are the descendant of a founder or an immigrant, how can you not feel the pride of fighting for our nation.

33 thoughts on “Mark Cuban Defends Disrespect

  1. It’s disgusting and disgraceful that a good for nothing pos like Cuban can be successful and then turn on the people and country that afforded a shit like him this opportunity. HE WOULD KILL HIS OWN MOTHER. DIRT BAGS LIKE HIM NEED A SERIOUS PAINFUL AWAKENING. There is no defense for TREASON.


    2. I fought for my country and the flag is a symbol of this fine country. If Mark Cuban wants to not show respect for the national anthem then I don’t think they deserve for the people to attend the ball games . Mark Cuban can take his money and leave this country. He could not pull that crap in another country. I’ve been to other countries and they do not tolerate that happening. Very stiff penalties.

    1. Mark, many people of that time saw their homes destroyed. Indeed, the White House was set afire and Dolly Madison had to work furiously to save a few things. Of all the things wrong in the world, why pick our National Anthem to gripe about? Do you think that makes you popular? It doesn’t.

      Shame on you. Why don’t you use your efforts to do some good in the world – like house the homeless or remove dishonest politicians from office – if you , with your skewed vision of things, can figure out who those are. I’ll give you a hint. One of them is godfather to an international crime syndicate.

  2. Has he, (Mark Cuban) ever thought about what would happen if a Chinese businessman ever called out their
    country’s national anthem and chose to not allow the anthem be played at certain events or rituals in their society?
    No of course not! Why? Because it would be treasonous to go against the government in such an open and public
    setting! They would be arrested and convicted of political crimes, and imprisonment for like 10 years, with fish-heads and rice as your meals everyday! Yes even those Billionaires, well especially their Billionaires!

    1. Mark Cuban is part of the Chinese commonest party. He at least excepts their money meaning he agrees with what they stand for. So trying to appeal to this POS is like trying to appeal to Hitler. For that is all he is!

  3. Just change the name since THIS is where they all get their money: CBA not NBA meaning Chinese Basketball Association. Everything boils down to money and this as well as Hollywood are classic examples.

  4. I agree with Stephen. Some stupid people forget great opportunities they have in our country and then bad mouth it.
    They are so rich, living in a bubble, forgetting who pays their bills. He is another reason I stopped watching the NBA And NFL. He is in the same class as hypocrite LeBron James.

  5. Although I totally disagree with Cuban, he has the right to not play the anthem before any event he sponsors. I don’t really care why he makes the choice he does, it’s his call.

  6. Cuban has been an arrogant ass for years. He think his many dollars buy him respect. Wrong it just makes him a bigger jerk. Go on over to china mark. Won’t watch shark tank anymore.

    1. Since these pieces of shit started kneeling I don’t watch any sports they can all go to hell
      Because that POS Cuban I won’t even watch shark tank
      These people have no respect for the flag far as I’m concerned they can go FK themselves

  7. I agree with all the comments. Mark says what about the people that don’t feel like the anthem represents them. Well, Mark, they and you are wrong that the anthem represents every American and if you are not an American or living off of the American dream then you do not have a dog in that hunt. The Flag stays, the anthem stays and you can go.

  8. Everyone should stop watching basketball and see how fast they run with their tail between their legs when they don’t have a big salary , go to China and play there. Sure you will bow to the communist which is what you all are. Bunch of disgrace people who should be thankful for the USA and people who fight and have died to give you the freedom

  9. Sporting events are ENTERTAINMENT VENUES…the players are ENTERTAINING their audiences…they are NOT considered workers at a job site, they are ENTERTAINERS!
    If Mark Cuban and his rich basketball players do not WANT to be considered “respectful Americans,” they should LEAVE the country that has made them ALL rich!!!
    The Americans that have given their lives, mortally or medically, deserve better treatment from those that demonstrate such disrespect! Only SMALL people with such SMALL CHARACTER would stoop this low!

  10. YUP… ‘I’ll stop watching Maverick games… won’t buy any Maverick sportswear, NOT GOING TO EVEN WATCH ‘SHARK TANK’… will watch something more interesting that seeing Mark Cuban say: “for those reasons, I’m out…” Waste of my time! MARK CUBAN… YOU WILL GET THE MESSAGE FINANCIALLY, AND WHEN YOU DO, CHANGING YOUR MIND WON’T MATTER ANY MORE… YOU’VE ALREADY SIGNED YOUR OWN PROFESSIONAL DEATH WARRANT.

  11. I don’t watch any of these overpaid, un- American jerks anyway. If we don’t spend our money with enemies of the state, they will be the one’s hurt because money is their only reason to exist.

  12. I quit watching the NFL, NBA, and MLB since the knee taking pastsrnut came on the scene. Now I do not pay to watch or watch any form of hollywood elite movies or shows on tv. Remember most can only act like real people. They don’t know how to be real people. They are just scum of the earth.

  13. If you don’t want to respect the United States, why are you here? Don’t come to the USA for Freedom and then put down America!!! Don’t leave your country and then try to change ours.
    Love the National Anthem!
    Pledge allegiance to the Flag!
    Say Merry Christmas!

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  15. My family members have died in every war starting with the Revolutionary War and some still are dying to defend the Principles of the United States of America and Our FREEDOMS!!! Any Stupid, Illiterate, Ignorant Jackass who doesn’t stand for the American Flag and the National Anthem needs to leave this country and go where they can survive like they have here in the United States of America!!! None of our huge family watch any sports any more except High School sports and sometimes the Olympics depending upon who the sponsors are. If Every American would stop watching overpaid professional sports people as well as their sponsors, it would all come to a screeching halt very quickly!!! How many of those so called pro’s in the sports ever served in the American Military??? Not very many I’d bet!!!!

  16. Why is it that every company is under obligation to be diverse in its employment but not sports. Lets hold these teams to the same standards. Most teams are 90% black. We should give these owners something to really work on. Equality, ,show them what America is all about, everyone matters in this country, except the arrogant ELITES. I am proud of who I am and where I came from and I Love this Country and all she stands for!

  17. I agree with every comment except Wes Bartlett’s! Cuban may own the team but he doesn’t have the right to dictate in regard to the National Anthem!! He does not represent America! He’s just another Communist Bloodsucker!

  18. I liked you but I’m sorry I can’t anymore. Disrespecting our Anthem is Disrespectful to our military and whole country. These players who get rich in sports in this country and then disrespect it need to be cut out from playing. MOVE to China.

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