Is Technology Turning Us More Bionic And Less Human?

Is Technology Turning Us More Bionic And Less Human?

  29 Nov 2018

Say goodbye to our natural human side and say hello to our ability to buy items with our palms and to read text messages that appear out of thin air. There is no doubt we are living in a technological era.

These days there are $1,000 smart glasses that can show your text messages, tell you the weather and even connect to Alexa — so that you can search the internet for anything your heart desires.

Microchips (the size of a grain of rice) are now being inserted under the skin of users in Sweden, a country rich in technological advancement. These chips help the user access their home, office or gym and can be used to make payments.

Power to do more equals the power to be more

Humans have always worked overtime to find new ways to become better at being human. Rather than focus our attention on being better from within, we are consistently developing technology that will make us better on the outside.

We want a life that moves faster with each passing day, all while we continue to look not one day older. A tall request, but one that we are always searching to perfect. Without a doubt, technological advances have allowed us to get from one part of the planet to another in a matter of days.

Advances have also allowed us the opportunity to save a great deal of time by eating foods that can be heated in a microwave. This is all wonderful, but it doesn’t come without a downside. Diseases are multiplied due to radioactive waves that emit from most technology that we use on a daily basis. We also fail to take the time to really enjoy the small details of life because we are too busy running through it.

Is it too late to be human again?

What does it really mean to be human? If we look beyond the biological aspects of our human bodies, we will begin to focus our attention on what exists in our conscientious state. We have spirit, emotions and feelings—things that can’t be replicated or improved through technology.

These are also the items that give us the ability to appreciate the life we live without consistently looking for ways to improve what exists around us. This lack of understanding is what leads to most individuals surrounding themselves with things but still feeling a void that just continues to get bigger.

Microchips and 007 glasses are wonderful gadgets to have if you are interested in rushing through life conveniently and swiftly. But what do you do if you want to have the convenience of life along with the joys of appreciating the day to day qualities that technology just can’t erase? Things like taking a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature, as well as the beauty of someone from within, are things that can’t be replaced.

Hopefully, we will hold tight to the small human qualities that make us uniquely qualified to be the humans that we are…that is before we allow technology to wash it all away.

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