Mexico sends troops to prevent illegals into US

  26 Jun 2019

On Monday, the head of the Mexican army has announced the deployment of 15,000 of its’ soldiers and National Guard troops to the country’s northern border with the U.S. to help stem the unrelenting flow of illegal immigrants headed north.

The move follows an agreement made on June 7th between Mexico and the Trump administration and seeks to respond to almost 400,000 Central American and other migrants who illegally entered Mexico in the last three months with hopes of reaching the U.S.

President Donald Trump had previously threatened to impose a five percent tariff on all Mexican goods coming into the U.S. if the Mexican government didn’t do more stop U.S.-bound migrants coming from Central America. According to Trump, tariffs could eventually rise as high as 25, if meaningful action isn’t taken by Mexico.

The June 7th agreement gives Mexico 45 days to show results. If it fails to do so, tariffs could be back on the table.

“In the northern part of the country, we have deployed a total of almost 15,000 troops composed of national guard elements and military units,” Mexican Secretary of Defense Luis Cresencio Sandoval told journalists during a news conference on Monday.

Sandoval also said that his country had deployed 2,000 guardsmen to their southern border.

When asked whether his forces were detaining migrants to prevent them from crossing, the Secretary of Defense replied: “Yes. Given that (undocumented) migration is not a crime but rather an administrative violation, we simply detain them and turn them over” to immigration authorities.

Mexico’s new policy represents a shift from previous practices. While its’ security forces have always detained undocumented migrants if they’re discovered traveling in the country, never before has it hasn’t actively deployed troops to stop migrants from crossing the US border.

The Mexican government has also talked of plans to send home approximately 2,500 migrants per day.

0 thoughts on “Mexico sends troops to prevent illegals into US

  1. It took President Trump to get the Mexican Government to start taking action. Hats off to President Trump.

  2. Finally, we see results. Mexico should have stepped up to the plate long ago. Mexico is fed up with these illegals as we are

    1. The number of people coming into México filled the bridge and when México close the bridge they jumped to the river and overwhelmed México unprepared Mexican Officers. México will be a Normal country if you give it some time México”s President is working in the causes of migration by helping the Central American Countries with specific plans to solve their problems.. Past administrations destroyed the country. The President Attorney Andrés Manuel Lápes Obrador is making marvelous changes in Oil Production an hitting the cause of the drug problem, by putting all young people to study or to work by sending them scholarships. And he reports to news people during one hour every day. and you can see/hear those conferences and the questions of the news people. through the internet.

  3. I agree that Mexico has taken a decent first step. However , we are dealing with an invasion. As such the use of lethal force to stop the illegals from getting in, should be authorized. Kill a few of the low life’s, hang their bodies in front of the border, and soon enough the problem of illegal immigration will be resolved. The illegal needs to get it very clear through their heads, that they don’t belong in this country and the majority of the American people don’t want them here.

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