The second presidential debate, scheduled for October 15, will be moderated by Steve Scully, the political editor at C-SPAN and host of Washington Journal, who once worked as an intern for Senator Joe Biden in college, later working as a staff assistant in Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s communication office.

“While attending college, he served as an intern in the office of Delaware Sen. Joseph R. Biden, and later a staff assistant in Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s media affairs office,” Utah Valley University noted.

In an interview with Journalism Jobs in May 2011, when he was asked, “Has the quality of broadcast journalism decreased over the past five years?”, Scully took the opportunity to rip Fox News, stating, “I think what has gone downhill is when cable networks get caught in all the titillating news of the day when they should be focusing more on the things that are important to people, like following the money and the state of the nation. Having said that, if you’re sick and tired of watching Laci Peterson on the Fox News Channel, then you can come on to C-SPAN and understand the process that we do in following it.”

Later in the same interview, he praised Tim Russert, then-host of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” saying, “I think Tim Russert — who is paid a lot of money to do what he does — earns his money because he works hard and he understands the process. He’s probably one of the best interviewers out there.” Then he turned to Fox News again, claiming, “We are seeing more opinionated journalism on Fox, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, the whole incident with Dan Rather.”

Asked, “What will be the long-term impact on the credibility of journalists if the public’s perceived bias in reporting goes unchecked?”, Scully said, “Journalism in general will face more credibility blows. The most important thing you have is your reputation. How people view you and the organization you work at — they’re going to see things through the prism of that. It would be a shame if we go down the path where everyone looks at The Washington Post and the New York Times and dismisses them as being supportive or critical of Republicans.”

He added a criticism of CBS News, asserting, “The best thing any news organization can do is to try to maintain a level of credibility — make sure that the facts they put in the newspaper or on the air are accurate and verified. That’s one of the lessons CBS has realized. You could see the mistakes they were making every step of the way. They are going to pay a price for that.”

Scully mentioned former NBC News anchor John Chancellor, saying, “If you have a comment by a news anchor that is truly his opinion — and I personally don’t like that — you need to make sure it is clearly marked and identified. Having a John Chancellor commentary at the end of the newscast — which was still popular in the ’70s — blurs the line.”

Scully is “in charge of the network’s White House coverage. He’s even served on the Executive Board of the White House Correspondents’ Association, where he was the president of the association from 2006 until 2007,” Marie Claire noted.

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55 thoughts on “Biden Intern To Moderate Next Debate”
  1. U.S. TRAITOR Chris Wallace is a Biden Intern t@@ !!!
    I’ve purposely waited to see if there would be ANY MENTION ON ANY LAME SCREAM NEWS MEDIA NETWORK before I publish and share “This Most Important Segment” of the First Debate that starts at the 1:26:02 point in this video concerning President Trump’s mention of The DemoNrat Party Treasonou.s. Coup, THEY SPIED on my Campaign, Biden’s corruption against General Flynn, and that we caught ’em, we caught ’em all, and Obama knows about it too, and we have it ALL on Tape !!!
    Next ‘Q’uestion?
    cc Trump
    "We The People Revival"

  2. Is this another Russian Troll email I’m getting because I’m a Republican mail list? I am republican voting against Trump because I’m tired of the hate, division, and his supporting White supremacists group and will not condemn groups like Proud Boys. Finally not recognizing Russia is interfering with our elections and fommeting division so we are the Divided States of America.

    Trumps COVID response is a joke and killing us.

  3. I can’t believe this. Does Biden really Ned that much assistance to get thru a debate. He cannot do anything on his own. He definitely is not a appropriate for the Presidency of the USA. He will need someone to hold his hand for all 4 years. Open your eyes people, he is like a child. He cannot manage this country.

  4. Why come they can’t have a republican to moderate the debates ? All ur having is democrats that’s not right!!! Democrats r such babies think they’re suppose to be in control all the time!!!!!

  5. Nothing like an unbiased person for the moderator? President Trump should walk on the stage and simply say #no thank you and F… Off! Are there any news people that can be honest in a Presidential debate???

  6. Have it equal. Put a republican on with him.
    The dem asks Trump the questions and the gop asks Biden the questions simple

  7. Obviously President Trump and the Republican party are going to get screwed in the next debate. You have a moderator who is a Socialist liberal, look at who he has worked for Kennedy and Biden, and the townhall audience will be all liberal green party activists and socialist democrats. This will be a total waste of time and Presidebt Trump will get roasted.

  8. Why can’t we get an impartial moderator? Are there no honest journalists in the country today? I am sick of being fed impartial, biased reports!!!

  9. NOT FAIR> It should be someone that has not worked with either candidate.. This will NOT BE IMPARTIAL this way

  10. Wallace was certainly bias
    Now this yahoo’s gonna spin the socialist lies for the king of Corruption

    Fake News inc .


  11. Absolutely NOT acceptable. The media and the commission are biased. Running scared is a better way of describing it. How is Steve Scully non-partisan and unbiased ? Do you really think we the American people are that stupid?? He worked for Biden. End of story! Don’t waste our time. Most of us already know who we are voting for. We really don’t need to watch another debate of the nature of the last one. Mike Wallace was totally for Biden and even helped him out verbally when he couldn’t remember what his Green New Deal was . We need to find a fair and impartial intellect — How about Mark Levin ? Or is it true that you don’t want someone who can ask the real questions of both parties and adhere to debate rules? Do something good the country. Stop choosing sides and let there be a real debate. Let the American people see why Biden is not capable of running our country.

  12. Why do Bidens people do the moderating?.??? That’s very unfair, because they cover up his flaws and give him easy questions. That is enough to scare people as to where do we come in and are we being treated fair. To me it’s another demoRat stunt, they have not played fair in four years and they are still pushing their stupid ways as fast as they can. VOTE RED AND GET RID OF THEM!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  13. Talk about stacking the deck….first Chris Wallace and now Steve Scully!!! Can we get someone unbiased please?????

  14. I am shocked that he didn’t mention CNN as doing exactly what he said Fox is doing. I agree that the news is now mostly the opinion and not facts. Also, CNN especially gives fake news.

  15. these debates are taking on the appearance of partiality towards Joe Biden. who ever thought of the fact that a former biden lackey should moderate the debate? what is to stop this obviously biased person from giving biden the questions ahead of time??? talk about a set-up!!!!!! the American people need to know that this system is rigged to begin with. President Trump had to debate Chris Wallace and biden, and Wallace goaded the president and allowed biden to disrespect him. he even laughed with biden at Trumps expense. this is a travesty and should not be allowed to stand. who can or will have the nerve (b—s) to correct this? Trump should say no way until the playing field is leveled.

  16. the questions should come from the general pubic. The voters- from equal numbers of registered voters of each major party, and not censored, Read by moderator without his or her comments Each question directed to a candidate for answer and than a 1 minute reply by other candidate. Than move on to next question. Same action. Debate over in 70 minutes. Wil Reich Note: ( would be the moderator if necessary to keep everything organized and on time without prejudice. My education is BSME-Milwaukee School of Engineering, and an MSB -University of Wisconson- Milwaukee

  17. The left is hoping Trump will decline since they know this is bias and being one of Bidens X staffers should excuse himself because of a CONFLICT OF INTEREST! However we know he’s not gonna do that but TRUMP should request that he does!

  18. I never heard of this man. The fact that he used to work for Biden just seems as bad as Chris Wallace, who works for the main stream media and is biased toward Biden. Wallace seemed a little too smug and was real quick to cut of Trump and not so quick to stop Biden. And I watched that debate, every time he could cut off Trump, he would! I hope this mediator is not so biased, but with the MSM never saying a nice thing about Trump, promoting the democratic party as much as possible, I don’t watch MSM news anymore! Considering the history of ‘Operation Mockingbird’ and the fact that it’s still going on, it’s a wonder they let Trump speak at all! Just saying….

  19. Good, they should switch commentators. Although Mr. Wallace had his hands full, I think he could of pulled Trump off Biden sooner than he did. Next debate they should have a microphone and only who is to talk should have it. My stress level was off the roof during debate, I was yelling at tv for Trump to shut his mouth.

  20. It is totally inappropriate to have anyone connected with Joe Biden to be the next moderator!!! The moderator of the debates should not be connected to either candidate!!! That would be the FAIR approach!!! Who will be in charge of turning off the mic? Do NOT like this idea either!!!

  21. I truly don’t think there is anyone alive who can keep the President under control during a debate. He was deplorable during the last one. I had to turn it off! I wish there was a screen that was playing in front of them so they could see and hear themselves! I don’t know if he had any idea how out of control he was!! In my opinion he did himself more harm than good… and this is the man that I’ve had every intention to vote for!!! And now I’m truly now sure if I even want to vote.

  22. This clown will be more biased in favor of Joe Biden then Chris “snapping turtle” Wallace was. The Trump team should demand that he be removed.

  23. Why do we have journalists as moderators instead of just plan old Joes as moderators because they would be asking real questions the average American would want to hear the answers on. They would ask more open ended questions and demand a answer to the questions.

  24. Biased, Bad pick. Besides Trump has my vote no matter what Biden says. How stupid do you think we are? No matter how President Trump talks he tells it like it is. I will not vote for any Democrat!! Trump has done a good job even after the way he has been mistreated.

  25. Why not ask the same question to each candidate and give same amount of time to answer it? That way the moderator can not give hints or assistance to either candidate. Prefacing a question with “you have said” can be followed by letting the candidate know how the questioner wants it answered gives rise to “is this a fair way to ask?”.

  26. The truth of the matter is, we don’t need these stupid debates. They’re constantly plagued by biased moderators, so regardless of the subject of a question, the answer is not going to benefit the voting public.

  27. Totally unfair our President have to endure the blow of another unfair moderator! I hope ourRepublican leaders speak up and not accept such unfair situation and demand a Republican moderate next
    Debate, Chris Wallace should have cautioned Biden to refrain from telling the President to shut up, calling him a clown. Such hate! Such disrespect!
    Not fit to moderate.

  28. Fox News went out of the way to praise Wallace before the debate Oh he so brilliant and super!!! Then we find out of the day of the debate that Wallace is a registered Democrat!!
    I have maintained that Wallace Displayed biases that to me indicated he was a closet Democrat. I quit watching his show and I never will again. Wake up Fox.

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