Israel Demands Apology From CNN

Israel Demands Apology From CNN

  16 Nov 2020

Israel has demanded an apology from CNN over anchorwoman’s Christiane Amanpour comments comparing the actions of President Donald Trump to Kristallnacht, the 1938 Nazi pogrom against Jews.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry as well as its Diaspora Affairs Ministry requested the network denounce Amanpour’s remarks.

Diaspora Affairs Minister Omer Yankelevich sent a letter to CNN president Jeffrey Zucker on Sunday calling on Amanpour to issue an “immediate and public apology” for the “unacceptable comparison” she made Thursday.

“We find hereby the false equivalence made between the actions of a sitting US president and the atrocities of the Kristallnacht pogroms which were carried out by the Nazis eighty-two years ago belittling of the immense tragedy of the Holocaust,” Yankelevich wrote.

Noting that Kristallnacht is recognized as a “central starting point of the Holocaust,” Yankelevich charged Amanpour of minimizing the “unique importance of the Holocaust” by comparing it to the Trump administration.

“Distortion and minimization of the Holocaust are deplorable lies that only encourage the evil voices of anti-Semitism. Employing the memory of the Holocaust for cheap shock value and to further a political agenda is a deeply troubling and offensive spin of historic and moral truths with dangerous implications,” the letter said.

CNN should be “partners in the global effort to combat this dangerous illness, not to fan its flames,” she concluded.

Amanpour, who is CNN’s chief international anchor, said that Kristallnacht was an “attack on fact” not unlike the one that Trump was instigating, as Breitbart News reported.

Apparent President-elect Joe Biden, she continued, would restore a “return…to the truth.” She said:

This week 82 years ago, Kristallnacht happened. It was the Nazis’ warning shot across the bow of our human civilization that led to genocide against a whole identity, and in that tower of burning books, it led to an attack on fact, knowledge, history and truth. After four years of a modern-day assault on those same values by Donald Trump, the Biden-Harris team pledges a return to norms, including the truth.

Israel’s consul-general to Atlanta, Anat Sultan-Dadon, on Sunday wrote a letter expressing her “dismay” to Richard Davis, CNN’s executive vice president of News Standards and Practices.

“The use of the 82nd anniversary of Kristallnacht by Amanpour for the purpose of this comparison is an affront to the memory of the Holocaust, those who perished and those who suffered through these unimaginable atrocities,” she wrote. The consulate said it was “sincerely disappointed” by the way Amanpour chose to express herself and urged the anchorwoman and her employer to publish an apology.

Ben Habib, a British former European Parliament member for the Brexit Party, attacked Amanpour, saying, “how the hell is this sort of prejudice tolerated on mainstream media? Third rate rubbish.”

“Never before in the history of U.S. news networks did a journalist distort the Holocaust for political purposes as Amanpour just did on on CNN & PBS. No, @camanpour, the Nazi genocide was not ‘an attack on fact, knowledge, history & truth,’” Hillel Neuer, director of monitoring group UN Watch, wrote on Twitter

“They murdered 6 million Jews. Say it,” he added. 

Media Research Center vice president Dan Gainor called the segment “disgusting” and said CNN should be “embarrassed” by it, Fox News reported.

“This is disgusting and foul even for CNN. And considering the trash put out by that network, that’s really an amazing thing,” Gainor told Fox News.

“No rational person considers Amanpour an objective reporter. She has claimed journalists are the ‘truth tellers.’ But there’s no truth in that reporting,” Gainor continued. “It’s just a demented hit job trying to paint a president who has repeatedly aided Israel and the Jewish community and whose own daughter and grandchildren are Jewish as a Nazi. To use their own slogan: ‘This is CNN.’”

In the runup to the 2020 elections, an ad by the Jewish Democratic Council of America compared Trump’s America to 1930s Nazi Germany. The split-screen 30-second ad released Tuesday features side-by-side footage and images of Nazi Germany rallies in the 1930s and Trump rallies, including neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017, as well as images from the 2018 Pittsburgh synagogue attack in which 11 Jews were killed. A defaced, present-day synagogue features alongside photos of graffitied Jewish shops in the ’30s. 

The ad was condemned by some Jewish groups, including the Anti-Defamation League, but some Jewish lay leaders believed the comparison to be acceptable. 

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  1. What do you expect when you hire Muslims (who hate America) to tell the truth in the news. Just like blm, antifa, Hollywood sickos, sport team thugs, druggies, sex abusers, wife beaters and murderers and the ignorant people who back them. Those who voted and cheated for briber biden will be sorry.

    1. Very well said…the next four years will be dreadful with these deplorables grabbing for power and using it in a self serving, pompous way.
      CNN is for sale maybe the Chinese Communist Party will buy it at the rummage sale?

  2. the president has done more for the Jewish people than any president in my memory. CNN should issue an immediate apology and fire the reporter.

  3. Amanpour is a left wing nut job. Too bad because she is talented.I am sick of the politics involved in reporting the best so have been tuning out. See ya CNN

  4. Amanpour is a disgusting media terrorist, she is a rabid antisemite socialist fool. This comment should be directed at the DEM party radicals, say Ms. Ilhan for example. Can you liberals EVER tell the truth???

    1. Simple answer…NO , it isn’t in their nature to tell the truth. I’m fact, they have been lying for so long, I doubt they’d recognize truth if it bit ’em.


    1. You are a moron. Get your bible out and really read it. Israel was given to the Jews after the war so that after all the years of diaspora, they would have a place to live their lives as they see fit. The land wasn’t stolen, it was given back!

      1. Yes, read the Bible. The Jews did NOT kill Jesus. He GAVE His life for you & for me. As He was fully God, as well as fully man, don’t you think He could have prevented the whole thing if He’d wanted to? But, that wasn’t the plan laid out by God the Creator. The entire Old Testament & blood sacrifice system instituted by God points to Christ & His redeeming work on the cross. He chose the Hebrew people & set them apart to bring His Son into this world. It was all set in motion before the beginning of time. You’ve got some studying to do.

  6. Americans need to wake up and defend their country from a systematic global attack by world elites on the whole foundation of the American republican constitutional theocracy and its moral foundation. This attack is evil and should be recognized as such. Many nations throughout history have found out too late that the seemingly innocuous buzz words encompassed in these attacks mask the deadly intent of those who express them. One of these buzz words is Socialism – depicted as protective of the little People and the Deprived of Society – people who need help and who will receive it if they only accept the leadership of the “caring” political elite. It encompasses such noble aims as care of the climate and the earth, free education and healthcare and open borders for the so-called “needy” of the world, wherever they are from. But under this umbrella of the creation of a new ‘moral’ society is the evil and nihilistic intention of a world governed by narcissistic elites with authoritarian ambitions. America should never play with the fire of this system.

  7. People like her are the proof that in CNN mental defects are promoted and glorified with drivel like this. They all seem to coagulate in the sewer of CNN. When will Americans start to understand that the Tree of liberty may need to be re-nourished by the blood of Patriots?? When is enough? There must be a way to rescind the right of citizenship from all that seek to tear our nation down. Send them to another place and see if they can survive.

  8. I am waiting for CNN to condemn the attack on Trump supporters by BLM and Antifa maybe even Biden or Harris will condemn if not your watching the end of civil rights

    1. augie–fat chance that CNN or biden -harris will condemn attacks by–antifa or blm-
      it was soros funded organizations that set up those two terror groups -paid their leaders and kept them afloat and it was the dems that bailed their scumbag followers out of jail after looting and burning
      so they could go back and do it again-

    2. augie don’t hold your breath -CNN is a left leaning lie machine-
      and biden/harris are a pair of criminalcrats-

  9. being moderated for telling the truth–there is nothing evil or untruthful-
    nor spam -nor libelous-every one with a brain keeps abreast of the happenings
    and the organizations that are funded by the evil empire

  10. What a fkg stupid woman, these hypocrites at The Cummunist News Network, just tell lie after lie,and these sheep in the US believe their garbage, it’s time to shut down this bs news channel, because their is no truth to anything they report. Plus a bunch of their workers, are complete idiots and morons, that just prove how pathetic they are.

  11. I sympathize with the judeo-Christian community about this article. Being a devout Christian I know the importance of the Jewish to God. God gives us gifts to use for his benefit,and gift tells me that if you compare all speeches given by Donald Trump and the speeches of Adolf Hitler in the 1930’s you will clear see that Mr Trump is one of Hilter’s Unholy Children, and using Israel for his own benefit and not Israel’s benefit. The man has committed atrocities here but not yet to the level of Nazi Germany, but given time he shall do just that.

  12. Ha, my opinion is if this current administration is allowed to continue our history would mirror that of Germany of that period! That is what she means! It’s plain for anyone to see!

  13. I do hope that Israel doesn’t hold their breath from an American News network that no only hates Israel but America as well.

  14. You wonder why Americans hate muslims just look at amanpuke. She is the face of hatred and murder in the US. Her backers are back door murderers. She is worse than marblemouth Matthew’s at Fox.

  15. I never think that the news portray so such of hate to people who think different in our country. I’m so ashamed how some people who enjoy all the freedom we have thank to the sacrifices of others can be so disrespectful and ignorant about history. Thanks all the people to still fighting for that and don’t be so ungrateful. God Bless America.

  16. Demand that Amanpour be indefinitely suspended. Her “Kristallnacht” comments are both false and demeaning. To compare those atrocities to President Trump is An offense to every American and an outright lie. She is irresponsible and inflammatory. President Trump should sue both CNN and her!

  17. Shame on Christiane, she knows better than
    that! It breaks my heart to read this about
    someone I used to admire very much.

  18. I thought this was The Patriot Network
    NEWS… you act like you’re in Biden’s pocket!

  19. Perhaps this is her core value – deriding a President maliciously persecuted while failing to examine the astonishing level of corruption by the Dems. And, oh by the way, showing her disdain for the Jewish world. Reporting only CNN could be proud of. Did she ever work for Tass during the Cold War?

  20. CNN is comunist propaganda station owned by american jew they play the game this is just pretext to punch Trump and again toking about the holocaust

  21. When did journalism become a “personal opinion platform”? I think journalists should remember what the job entails. The journalist is to report the story. Period. Again this job does NOT entail the “journalist giving their own personal beliefs and opinions or feelings about the story being reported

  22. CNN is the only station that shows all sides of our free society. ( Democrats, Republican Independents ) , religious freedom for all. You should rely on the US Constitution .
    Trump initiated a riot and insurrection because he can’t accept a election loss.
    He is the traitor to the USA.
    History shows that the USA is a combination of many religious beliefs, many nationalities, and many views of society.
    My belief is to treat each other as “Jesus the man “ who was born into this world we live in now. Do unto others as you would have done to you. Differences in religious beliefs have been what instigated wars.
    I respect others. I respect others views.
    I don’t follow all their beliefs but I respect there choice. As long as it is not violent or imposing on others rights.

    1. Ms. Lucas it’s difficult to believe that people like you are real. There is NO truth to your comments about former president Trump. You cannot present one bit of empirical evidence to support your assertions that he instigated riots or an insurrection; nor commit any traitorous acts.
      You are like the chained prisoners in the allegorical Plato’s cave watching puppet shadows dancing on the cave wall accepting them as reality. Except the puppeteer in your case is CNN. Wakeup to reality and truth!!!!!

  23. I’m all for putting pressure on CNN. It’s not news; it’s propaganda. The Far Left has much more in common with Hitler, Goebbels and the night of broken glass then most Americans realize and that’s a problem because knowledge truly is power.

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