Man fired by IKEA for quoting Bible

Man fired by IKEA for quoting Bible

  13 Nov 2020

(Remix News) – The case concerns events from May 2019. At that time, IKEA had declared a “day of solidarity with LGBT persons.” In response to the event, Komenda had posted a few quotes from the Bible in the company’s internal communication network.

Due to his posting of the Bible fragments, the man was fired on the grounds of discriminating against LGBT people. Komenda refused to accept his employer’s decision, however, and decided to file a lawsuit against IKEA. The trial is now underway at Kraków Regional Court.

IKEA’s lawyer defended the employer’s decision by explaining that despite the “day of solidarity” being announced, employees were not required or encouraged to participate in the activities of the LGBT movement.

The lawyer also noted that the first part of Komenda’s posted statement was not just Bible quotes but his personal opinion. He had demanded that the lawsuit be dismissed in its entirety.

One of the witnesses is the director of the Kraków IKEA store, in which Komenda worked. She explained that the decision to terminate Komenda’s employment was due to the man not attempting to find an amicable solution to the issue. She added that the employee was not able to put himself in the position of the people to whom his entry referred and for whom his comments were exclusionary.

Prosecutor Rafał Stępniak has also become involved in the legal process due to the case’s significant social implications.

Komenda himself has commented on the lawsuit. He underlined that he had been fired unjustly and that his entry in the company’s internal network was a reaction to an article published by his employer.

“I believe that as an employee, I had the right to react, which is why I view this dismissal as harassment – to me, as a person who has the right to freedom of speech, expression, faith and a right to comply with my work responsibilities according to what I am guided by in life,” he said.

He added that since he is a Catholic, he must be faithful to the Ten Commandments and the Bible.

Komenda’s lawyer from the Ordo Iuris Institute Maciej Kryczka explained that his client is demanding reinstatement to his job and financial compensation of around EUR 1,338.

Kryczka pointed out that IKEA itself, in its own internal documents, has forbidden the “discrimination of persons due to their adherence to religious values,” whereas in reality, “it does not comply with this, an example of which is this legal process.”

26 thoughts on “Man fired by IKEA for quoting Bible

    1. Still dosen’t change what the bible says. he is just a man stating his opinion. he is not a God.

    2. The Pope is not in line with the Bible. And millions of us agree with this man and disagree with IKEA. Many Catholics that adhere to the readings and the scriptures in the Bible disagreed with the pope and that’s why there’s a wedge driven between the pope and the believers. Homosexuality is an abomination.

    3. The pope is already under fire from other Catholic priest for going against scripture. The Bible is quite clear in that it states homosexuality as an abomination. The pope is basically putting himself above scripture and is wrong. Many are already asking that he step down.

    4. Since there have been so many cases of homosexuality and pedophilia in the Catholic church, the Pope was probably trying to normalize his work force.

  1. Woe to a nation that celebrates its sin enticing all to participate. That kingdom will surely fall.

  2. What I am seeing is SIN is the thing that is in. This is why GOD is going to show his power in 2020.

  3. ikea doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on…because IKEA itself, in its own internal documents, has forbidden the “discrimination of persons due to their adherence to religious values,”. sooooo, pretty much open and shut

  4. Keep the faith!✝️ The pope is a socialist and a wolf in sheep clothing. The 666 entered the Vatican in the 60s when they murdered a new pope.

    The alphabet people are evil as the Bible states. Satan has their number. Many souls are being claimed. Love thy neighbor, not the sin. Pity & pray the “woke” will open their eyes before it’s too late.

  5. Faith is in Jesus Christ!!! The bible is our source for spiritual guidance and is the power of God unto salvation. The 10 commandments are the law and no man can live by the law. It is impossible. Jesus came to fulfil the law and His blood takes away our sins. his sacrifice and our faith in Him as our righteousness is what saves our souls.

    That said, LGBTQ?? Is set up to attack all who won’t bow down to it’s degeneracy and it will only grow in strength as the antichrist spirit is powering it here on earth. These corporations that do things like this are wicked and know exactly who they serve. I never liked IKEA anyways.

  6. It is not our job to judge people. That is God’s job. It is our job to love and be kind to others. I am a Christian and unless you have raised an LGBTQ child, you have no idea the pain they go through during their youth to try to understand what’s happening to them and why they’re not like others. If we can be kind and accepting, they can grow to be kind and productive adults. In fact, much better adults than many people in this world.

  7. Enough of the bullshit being gay his a lifestyle choice but all this other stuff is not normal it’s perverted and that we’re we are heading with the Democrats . Just look at that sick B_____d in California Newson it’s not really bad for a 24 year old to have sex with a 14 year old what’s next bang banging a 14 year old as long as nobody is 10 years older. Let California burn just like Sodom . Have Americans all gone blind and stupid . They want gun control they want to stop the drug addiction epidemic sure open borders so the guns n drugs can flow plus the terrorist I was one of the smaller buildings of WTC both times I guess we have forgotten they got in with visas imagine open borders

  8. Sin separates mankind from God, regardless of the sin. Good news is God offers a solution and that is Jesus. It really does not matter if man accepts the sin. God will not change. We have to submit to God’s will and not our own. Two things are certain, death and the judgment ?

  9. See, how is the right for some and not for others. That’s what the LGTBQ stand for. If one has no right, what right do the other has?
    I remember that they use to called us hate- ful people. But no Christian suit them or put them in jail. And after the Superior Court give the the right to same sex marriage, they turned against Christians, by suit, money and jail. Now who is the haters? If they continue with their descrimination, please stay away from companies like this.

  10. It disturbs me that people committing sin can cause such havoc to those who just want to be left alone and live their life as they always have. But no, the left/liberals say, you must agree with me, you must obey me, you must accept whatever I do or I will make your life miserable. Such flakes. They are miserable people who can’t stand for anyone to be content with their lives. Live your life like you want but let me live mine. I won’t bother you. I will answer for my actions just as you will answer for yours.

  11. So, I buy nothing from Ikea. I’m a Christian and feel there is a world-wide effort to destroy our religion. But it’s ok if Muslims kill people in the streets of France. If gays want to engage, don’t push it in my face. A sin is still a sin no matter if man makes it legal or not. Stop punishing Christians because we have moral ethics.

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