Obama: ‘The Jury’s Still Out’ on America

  12 Nov 2020

Former President Barack Obama on Thursday wrote about the ongoing debate among leftists in the Democrat party over America’s founding ideals and the future of the country.

The former president published an updated excerpt from his book in the Atlantic ahead of Tuesday’s release date of volume one of his memoirs A Promised Land.

He cited the ongoing struggle in American history over slavery and racial division, the Civil War, voting rights, women’s rights, gay rights, and immigrants as proof that the country would continue fighting over divisive issues.

“At the heart of this long-running battle is a simple question: Do we care to match the reality of America to its ideals?” he asked, questioning whether the ideals of self-government and equality before the law still existed in the country or whether the system was set up for the privileged few.

The president acknowledged voices within the Democrat party who believed it was “time to discard the myth” of America and realize it as a “racial caste system and rapacious capitalism” and a society that was “rigged” against minorities.

He even questioned his own presidency, noting that he might have reserved his own inhibitions and feelings in order to appeal to what Lincoln described as the “better angels” of human nature.

“I don’t know. What I can say for certain is that I’m not yet ready to abandon the possibility of America — not just for the sake of future generations of Americans but for all of humankind,” he wrote.

Obama indicated he was encouraged about the future of America by the results of the 2020 presidential election.

“The jury’s still out. I’m encouraged by the record-setting number of Americans who turned out to vote in last week’s election, and have an abiding trust in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, in their character and capacity to do what is right,” he wrote.

27 thoughts on “Obama: ‘The Jury’s Still Out’ on America

  1. This guy is by far the biggest egotistical biggot I have seen in a long time. Discusses race and color as if that is still the issue despite multi million dollar sports figures, multi million dollar actors, multi million dollar politicians, multi million dollar business people, all of which many are of color, including this racist.

  2. Who cares what Obama thinks or has to say? He was selling us out throughout his presidency. He was placed in office to begin the transformation of our country. He has a problem with America, he should get the hell out. Sell his multi million dollar mansions while he’s at it and donate the proceeds to charities. Because after all, that money is the product of a capitalistic country.

  3. What a bone-head. Why does he think anyone cares what he thinks, when he left the USA in the shambles he did? Nobody is buying is anymore, now go back to your estate you paid for with our tax dollars and be quiet and wait for the glaciers to melt.

  4. I just left a comment of truth on this site two minutes ago and now it’s not there, bye bye!!

  5. The myth that the Democrats continue to trot out with the race cards is that America is a “Democracy”, with every voice directly connected to the ruling class and that means those that shout longest, loudest and with the most violence need to be given “their privileges” by that ruling class!
    The reality is that in a “Republic”, we don’t have DIRECT access to pursuade the ruling class except by virtue of providing that pursuasion through proxies that are elected to act in our behalf! When Democrats use violent acts to gain access to obtain their “privileges”, they then sacrifice that privilege ever more! Obey the laws and react peacefully to those that would act in your behalf with the provisions of the laws that were created to protect your interests and privileges….like your other brothers and sisters do.
    Amen, brothers and sisters!

    1. Racism didn’t become a problem since the 80’s until Obama became President! He started it all again!!!

  6. Actually, the jury is still out on Obama. Was he the worst president in the history of America? Did he intentionally attempt to destroy the United States or is he just that inept? Will he ever be brought to justice for what he tried to do to America and it’s citizens? Or will he face final justice in hell?

    1. Yes, I believe he was one of the worst US Presidents – did his best to destroy this country along with Hilary – esp starting Racism all over! Racism was not an issue for a long time before Obama came along!

  7. Nobody can read any more that is because of teacher unions but in the founding documents it states all men are created equal. About half of blacks are men. That they allowed themselves to be belittled is not a good reflection on anybody. And to have an illegal alien( Obama)talking about the ills of this country is laughable.

  8. OBUTTHEAD, u pathetic,arrogant,narcistic,divisive,american=hating,race=baiting,miserable,POS u make people want throwup, with their sick,attitude of hate mongering, were fed up with u and mikey. Grow up u phony, imposter,@$$ hole, u fkg traitor, the law isn’t done with u yet.

  9. I feel that Obama should shut his mouth. And go back to the country he loves so much. The American people don’t want live under his country’ Laws and beliefs. If it’s that great why did he come to America in first place.He’s not the president anymore and I think God daily for this.As far as I’m concerned he has done nothing for the American people. We have had nothing but troubles every since he ran for president. And most of the true American people can’t stand him and the hate that he’s shown toward America. And worst of all. He supports these idiots who want to riot and burn down the country. And says it there rights.

  10. Just look at the fear in his face. He realizes that the vote rigging scheme has been uncovered, and he is soilung his pants now. The TREASON THAT THE KommieKrats perpetrated upon this nation is totally unpardonable. Is there any chance at all that he wasn’t aware of that evil software that deleted some Trump votes, and flipped other Trump votes over to Biden. THE JIG IS UP, MR. EX-PRESIDENT, and you know it !!!!!

  11. We now have a President as a valid comparison to Obama(nation) (yes, that was what he was and is), now that we have one term of President Trump. There is absolutely no comparison, Mr. Trump rising up to fend off all the Democrat Party & MSM, now including Fox, Russiagate, Ukrainegate, Impeachmentgate, Pandemicgate and JoeBidenthecrookgate!! And now they collectively are trying to steal an election. Mr. Biden should return to his basement bunker as the election is not finished, counting is still going on (thanks to mail-in ballot fraud) in the millions. Obama(nation), nor Biden(thethief ) could not wear President Trump’s jockstrap…and yes, Mr Trump still is the President until proven otherwise by legal ballots and a legal election process, all of which has been upset by Democrats, that is clear!!

  12. Obama ramped up racial hatred in this nation to the like no one has ever seen and in every aspect was the worst president America ever elected. A black man in a position to bring America together and he did the exact opposite. He committed treason by spying on the Trump administration helped Iran with their nuclear program sent our jobs overseas, passed so many regulations nothing could be built and “YES” he should go to jail. Along with Hillary, Schumer, Pelosi, Como and a few others. Obama seems to still run a shadow government against our current sitting president and continues to divide all American citizens something which no president has ever done prior. Anyone who believes anything this idiot, this traitor says needs their heads checked and clearly does not see the damage he did and is doing. Now the once Democratic party that was once in a position to keep America balanced along with the Republican party by each party keeping the other from going too far right or left has gone extreme left never to return. The only citizens who will prosper in a socialist nation are the Democrats who have abused there political power, made fortunes off the people and are looking to hide their illegal gains once or if they regain control. All of them need to go. They are the party of lies and illusions, thieves patting themselves on the back because as of yet they have not been caught. There day will come. If not here in the physical form then when they meet their maker and are sent straight to Hell.

  13. Wow someone who lives in a 12 million home was a President elect of this country for 2 terms thinks we’re a racist country . I wonder do any of these super rich people look around there’s color everywhere oh but wait it looks pretty white on a football field basketball court baseball field most city jobs there congresswoman senators of color and guess what they are preaching just take a look at some Maxine Waters . By the way if your just change the rolls make the cops Black n criminals White in most cases your think anyone would be screaming racism . Did people just forget the criminal records some of these men had . What do they you walk a bad road sooner or latter it catches up to you . By the way no ones heard Mr Obama say that the rioting and looting and burning buildings attacking cops was wrong so I guess in his book 2 wrongs make a right so much for healing .

    1. Forgive them God, they know not what THEY do. Please forgive these comments Lord, Jesus, Amen, and thank you Jesus, thank you Lord!

  14. Makes me puke. I am so outrageously disgusted with this hypocrite black POTUS whom i put my trust when I voted for him in 2012 out of sheer ignorance of his malevolent intentions on America envisioning to reshape the country into a Marxist socialist country with heroes like BLM or antifa causing chaos in the end to serve the wanton greed of elites of which he is a part so as to control the grassroots of which the majority is a part. Try him in court for all the collusion he made with the evil forces of this country.

  15. Wow. I have noted all comments and I see exactly what Obama meant to capture in his writing. Yet all of you can’t find the truth in his observations but definitely found a way to criticize what most of Americans find factual. Get you minds open so that you will be able to accept truth and facts as they are presented.

    As Trump will soon be noted as the worst president in American history. Fact will reveal why this is so.

  16. WOW!
    Obama was not a great president because some of the things he did is why we are suffering now.
    He did not help black people that much but the sad thing about it is black people thinks he helped them.
    Now he and his wife is getting rich off of them. laughing to the bank.

  17. This Democratic/Socialist / Communist tried to turn this country into a third world country. Now J. Biden is trying the same; Throw out the election and do a revote.

  18. Unfortunately it’s come to this. White people will have to unite to defund the overrunning of our country and all other liberal left garbage organizations. BLM ✊? is run by a group of rich white people who are absolute race traders. They don’t believe in a democratic society – burn loot tear down and let the taxpayers flip the bill. Most liberals believe everything Obama states that white people are systematically racist. He doesn’t tell u that whitey pays 97% of the taxes in this country. What would happen if whitey didn’t pay taxes. A third world shithole is ur answer. Remember now that Joey B is in charge all of our taxes are going up over 30%. Not only rich people but everyone’s taxes are going up. Start buying as many guns and ammo as u can store because the next big takeaway will occur in the next two to three years and it will be guns.

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