Ukrainian police close criminal case against Joe Biden

  11 Nov 2020

Ukrainian police have closed criminal proceedings against former Vice President Joe Biden, originally brought by former Ukrainian Attorney General Viktor Sokin, Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform said on Tuesday.

The news agency cited an unnamed source from the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office as well as a formal decision to close the case. Biden was prosecuted by the Ukrainian State Bureau of Investigation (DBR) for interfering in the work of an official, following an order in April by Sergei Vovk, a judge in the Pechersk district of Kiev.

The DBR then referred the case for investigation to the Pechersk District Police, which closed the case against Biden on September 23.

Sokin was the Attorney General of Ukraine from February 2015 to April 2016. He was replaced by the then Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko, on the grounds that he had shown too little progress in the fight against corruption. However, many are convinced that he was removed from office because of his investigation into the company Burisma.

Burisma is the privately owned Ukrainian gas company whose board of directors at the time included Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. Sokin accused Biden of having initiated his removal as Attorney General. Sokin based his accusation on sound recordings made public by Andriy Derkach, a pro-Moscow Ukrainian MP, in which Poroshenko and Biden are allegedly speaking.

Derkach claimed that the recordings were made by Poroshenko himself. According to Biden’s campaign office, the sound recordings were edited, and Poroshenko also called them fakes, adding that their creators aimed to undermine Ukrainian-American relations. However, the recordings were attached by the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office to materials found in the investigation of Poroshenko for suspected treason and abuse of power.

32 thoughts on “Ukrainian police close criminal case against Joe Biden

  1. If the bafoon becomes president by fraud every thing will be swept under the family rugs, the Clintons will once again skate and hillapies cheating and lies will be gone. Hunter Biden will be rubbed lilly withe and the BAFOON BIDEN WILL SKATE AND all will be well and the Chicomms will be exonerated as the country that saved the world from covig19. Never mind the millions dead all over the world Biden is china’s man. bought and paid for.

  2. You can’t hardly prosecute your money tree !! Where else do the dollars come in (almost) free ??

  3. Shame: He will never be caught – why do these politicians who do bad things always get away with it?

  4. Sounds like a pay-off to me. Who gets the official thankyou? Corruption looks like it does pay, especially when politics are mentioned.

  5. Bunch of crap.But they wanted to burn Pres, Trump with false accusations.Swamp doesn’t just need to be drained.It needs to be evaporated.

    1. They don’t need to have to find guilt! We can investigate from here and bring charges! Hunter Biden should be in prison and if Biden cheats his way Into office , he should be impeached and removed from office!!

    2. It is corruption. Biden and Family are old school criminals. They made themselves rich doing dirty deals. Papa Joe is the Gadfather, he gets his cut off the top. Hunter is pure filth, a rapist, dope fiend. The whole family smells of rotten fish, including Joe’s doxie jilly.

  6. Its bad when our so called next president, is dealing with a communist nation. Maybe we need to have our next president spend his term in prison. Us make that 2 term. 4 years for treason is not enough he need at least 8 years.

  7. I suspected this would happen if Biden got elected.Nothing will happen to the rest of the crooked liberals in the Democrats party they are experts at getting away with criminal activity

  8. So Biden is excused? What about his own recording of how the guy was removed or they would not get the money? Was it closed because they think Biden will actually get the presidency?

  9. Biden is one of the most corrupt people in the federal government! It is amazing that we can look the other way and make this OLD man the leader of this country! This man has worked in the system for over 47 years and on a senator’s income and has five home’s worth over millions of dollars! We would all go to jail for the things this guy has done!

  10. What a disgusting finding!!! Sweep everything under the rug!!! The Biden’s are guilty but money talks!!
    I wonder how much the payoff was????

  11. It is definitely political fraud. Everything about Joe Biden has the word fraud in it. The election here was a big case of fraud. No wonder he stayed in his basement. He was waiting for “ the fix” to officially be in. I will never believe he won the race fair and square. Trump they would do it and he said so before the election, They didn’t get him win Muller or the impeachment so the next thing was the election and that they set up big time. The whole Democratic leadership is corrupt. Pelosi, Schumer , Schiff and Nadler are so dishonest it frightening. We should have them declared insane and out in a cell for the rest of their lives. Crooked to the core, just like Bill and Hillary only worse.


  13. This shows how convincing the MSM proclaiming Biden won and sending this outright lie to the Deep State media in other countries who then succeeded in convincing those in power. Rather than face justice, they kiss Biden’s ass so he will be friendly to them thinking he is the President. But guess what? Biden LOSES BIGLY!!! HAHAHA! Now your true colors show and Trump will know the games you played and seek justice under the law for sedition and treason. Meanwhile the DOJ is still proceeding with the Biden investigation. When all the chips settle down, we will see such corruption like never before! This is how we save our country and preserve our freedoms. Biden already lined his pockets and is beholden to the CCP. The piper will pay the price at the end of the day. Gitmo sure is filled up already. More cells are being built to accommodate the swamp creatures who will have permanent residence.

  14. just because the Ukraine folded on the as swipe doesnt mean he can’t be impeached for his quid pro quo. he can also be prosecuted for violation of the Logan act. that is what they tried to do to Flynn, and Biden himself suggested it! so lets turn it around and shove it up his ass. I am sure there is evidence and first hand knowledge that can be used against him. we need to rag the hell out of him for everything, even him breathing. maybe we can give him a real health issue. we need to do something like what the demon rats have done to Trump for the last 4 years. I hate to rain on the parade, but I feel there will be no prosecution of anyone. Barr has lost his cojones. the evidence will disappear the minute biden goes into the office. I just read an article that Bidens new virus czar say he plans to lock down the economy for 4-6 weeks. he further states we can borrow money FROM WHOM? to pay every American their wages for the duration of the lockdown, and all businesses, etc their lost incomes. where is he getting it from?? maybe Hunter Biden will float America the loan??? couple that with his 100 trillion b.s. on the green new deal, and the u.s. will be in debt until the end of time. maybe he will borrow it from his good friends at the CCP?? he is a demented old reprobate with ideas of grandeur. someone needs to end his misery soon….

  15. I guess it’s true Biden was talking to foreign nations. I wonder how many pallets he offered this time

  16. If someone else were the culprit, that person will be behind bars. But all inerest for gain whether money or political status they will go free. In this world is a lot of laws, but for the rich is not laws. The law is only is inforce only in the poor. It’s no justice!!! And because is not justice, this world would become more wicked and perverted. In the all times a person that comited a crime will go to jail, but now they get rewards instead.

  17. I’m reading that Soros put a stop to the proceedings. He has a business there and wanted his competitor out of the way. Money evidently talks!

  18. Ever heard (outside of Mafia Crime Families) of a father who uses his own son as a bagman? Revolting and disgusting. I watched Biden every chance I had during the campaign…he told lies upon lies; the thought if Kamala becoming President is the only thing that scares me more. A motto I refer to often….”I know you are lying, your lips are moving”.
    I believe him when he said he never took a penny from foreign entities….actually he apparently took far more…..millions!!!! He has a very poor relationship with truth. His method of operation is lies, evasions, and ignoring questions.
    As for Kamala, her grand scheme is to promote divisions within the country.
    And they ask for UNITY. I won’t embrace unity until President Trump gets an apology
    for all the HELL and false accusations and attacks they put on him. However, you won’t see me on TV burning cities and police cars, and killing anyone. Plus, I won’t topple any statues. Erasing the American History is the first step in our destruction as a nation.
    It may be that he skates on any charges. However you cut it, a career politician can be a very serious threat to our democracy!!!

    Worried Mary

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