Katie Couric made remarks that could tarnish her image as an iconic, non-partisan newswoman, according to Fox News.

“Katie is ‘retired’ from any ‘objective’ news duties,” Tim Graham said. “She has been a partisan for a long time.”

“It is so shocking. … Not only are they not conceding, Bill, but their thoughts — that there might have been some collusion among members of Congress, some are refusing to go through magnetometers … to check for weapons, they’re not wearing masks during this siege,” Couric began.

“I mean, it’s really bizarre, isn’t it, when you think about how AWOL so many of these members of Congress have gotten. But I also think some of them are believing the garbage that they are being fed 24/7 on the internet, by their constituents, and they bought into this big lie. And the question is how are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump.”

“Katie Couric making such offensive comments comes as no surprise, she is part of a media complex that deliberately stifled the flow of information negative to Biden in order to interfere in the election,” Jacobson said.

Joe Concha made a similar observation of a growing trend among members of the media who have called for “deprogramming and silencing 75 million Americans.”

“This sort of rhetoric from Couric — which comes across as so condescending and elitist — underscores the divide between our media, which primarily resides in New York and Washington, and the rest of the country, which is moderate to center-right per multiple polls. And it’s why the industry is so mistrusted and frowned upon,” Concha said.

Couric, who is slated to guest-host “Jeopardy!” following the passing of Alex Trebek, was openly cheering on Trump’s impeachment during her “Real Time” appearance.

“If you commit a crime and then you move, does that means we’re not going to charge you with a crime because you’re moving out of the neighborhood? I mean, it’s ludicrous,” Couric told Maher, who expressed opposition to Trump’s second impeachment. “I think there have to be guardrails on presidential power. He incited violence. … He was really, really inciting violence.”

“It is insane and you cannot let that stand,” she added.

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62 thoughts on “Katie Couric Facing Major Backlash”
  1. I agree 100 percent of with Katie Couric. Republicans seem to be afraid of a President who should have been walked out of the White House in a straight jacket and wished away to the mental hospital.

        1. Tom,
          In with you …
          anything that contributes to the future misery of America’s young, gullible, indoctrinated, spoiled youth is good with me. Now go open those borders and keep those U.S. dollars going overseas!! lol lol lol

      1. linda–yes-it took 3 days for biden to try to erase the good that trump did writing exec orders till he was dizzy
        and he still isn’ t near the end-
        impeach biden-impeach biden-impeach biden-

      1. I have thought that Katie was a serious woman with the understanding of politics. Now—–she needs to deprogram and not be allowed on TV. She has not stated any reasonable comment on helping to recover this nation, but why should she- she has nothing to fear sitting in an ivory tower. Where were you all summer Katie when building were being destroyed, lives lost, futures lost—What you say?

    1. You must have very little understanding of facts and false statements or one of those people that depends on government to take care of you. Because you surely don’t understand reality. Trump accomplished mor in 4 yrs than any other president for sure in the last 24 yrs and that is a fact. Democrats can’t run a state let alone run a country. Loom around, open your eyes, just might learn something.

    2. It’s the other way around she and the Dems are afraid of Pres. Trump and also jealous, if they were not afraid of him they would be moving on with business but them they don’t know how to that that either. Katie should have stayed retired.

  2. Katie is a socialist demorat. Wouldn’t watch any jeopardy with her on it. She hasn’t made it yet as a news person so why is she given any status.

    1. She has always been a snotty, disrespectful interviewer. She is horrible! I would never watch her or listen to any stupid ,snide comments from her.

  3. Katie couric thinks she is so smart, she is so biased, no matter what, she and behar are both pathetic. People don’t believe most of what they say, at one time. They are two besides pelosi, bad news. At one time we could have free speech, no more.

  4. Kate Couric needs to learn how to read before she speaks! President Trump said his supporters need to march peacefully to the Capitol and protest peacefully!
    Then we have Kamala Harris that told her supporters to keep marching and keep the unrest going. She even started a fund to bail out BLM ANTIFA THUGS and put them back into the streets. Michelle Obama said BLM is a peaceful protest as they burn, loot, and destroyed everything in front of them and that was what they need to continue to do. Cynthia Johnson called out her troops to destroy the Trumpers. One Democrat after another calls for violence but that’s OK. Everyone needs to be held to the same set of rules and their violence needs to stop. They are inciting WAR.

  5. I will now never watch anything That Katie is on. She is just part of the socialist media. Never was a very good journalist. Someone needs to deprogrammed her.

  6. The left is determined to remain ignorant of the realities related to those Katie Couric calls “these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump”. The media has been complicit in this bull-headed resistance. Those of us who have supported President Trump, and I think you’ll have o agree that it’s 50% of our population, are not simply being religious followers of a person, and not only Trump but any person. We are all resisting the movement of the Democrat leftists toward a socialized or even communistic society. We are expressing our disagreement with these policies and have endorsed President Trump because he is also supporting the policies that we believe in and he seems to be the only person willing to put themselves in the cross hairs of the ‘socialistically’ (sic) political scopes of the Democrats and the blind liberal media. We are patriots of this great Republic and President Trump has simply given us a voice, and one that you, the liberal media and political left, have been unwilling to acknowledge. And as a result of our patriotism what have we gotten? We have all been lumped into a class of insurrectionists. But as patriots you must realize that we are dedicated to the preservation of the republic and just as our patriotic forefathers were willing to sacrifice all, we too are willing to sacrifice for the good of all the people & not for simply an ideology or for a particular person, like President Trump.

    1. Your words make a great point! This is not all about Trump but the future of America! That is my biggest concern at this time in our history. people like the disappointing Couric are feeding the Democratic frenzy to become THE POWER. Her condescending attitude is not only not wanted, it is not needed!

    1. There’s only one way to put it the Democrats are one crazy bunch of Bastards. They look at everything just like the communist party does, every thing they say about trump they themselves are guilty of. Almost every policy is ass backwards from reality. Why are they letting 11 million plus immigrants into the country, where are all those jobs they want. Stupidity at its best, that’s Peloci,

    2. Piglosi and liberals are so far leftwing their clocks run counter clock wise. They are the new DEPLORABLES

  7. Lets not worry about there anti Trump Agenda, lets give the Democrats one year (1) in office then – when the Free stuff runs out unemployment rises
    and the Economy tanks not to forget there promise to take care of the *VIRUS* then we will talk…..!

    1. That will be way too late! You are advocating to let dems reign for one year, destroy our country, and then Republicans sweep in and try to get it back together. I’d rather stifle the dems shenanigans in progress! It’s going to be hard enough to curb them anyway.

  8. Amazing how mega rich or governmental employees believe that their largest citizen taxpayer based is a cult! I guess Antifa is still an ideal burning brightly in the Portland:Seattle sky for over a year, but killing an unarmed female veteran which never was a deadly threat is OKIE DOKIE! The truth is they are aware we outnumbered them, because fake ballots and algorithms against bodies and bullets, doesn’t make conformity to their side of lying, cheating and stealing any easier, actually puts fear In the hearts of criminals!

  9. Chicanery, Hypocrisy, Condescension……these are a few of the tools the Liberal Left (controlled NOT by what is right for the majority of the U.S. “CITIZENRY”, but controlled by BIG $$$ – Bloomberg, Steyer, Saros, etc.) uses to proselytize the public !!!!

  10. When members of the ‘media past’ call more than half the population cult members because they respect a leader who labors to uphold the Constitution, the inspired body of laws that has helped us become the greatest nation the world has ever seen, members of the media have become the “the cult.” Deprogramming them is actually
    a very easy task. Do you hear the crickets, Katie? There are a plethora of dictator nations I’m sure could use your services.

  11. Perhaps someone needs to share Couric’s contact information, including home addresses with BLM and antifa and inform them of what she really thinks of them. Do your research on her and you will find that she’s a mean girl as well as racist. To be allowed in her home if you’re any color other than white, you’d better be very rich and famous and by that I’m talking Oprah. She’s gotten so used to playing pretend that she doesn’t know who she is anymore. We can add her to the list of cancel culture and see how she likes that.

  12. All democrats are not crazy bastards, all republicans are not crazy bastards. We all have our feelings and beliefs and should keep them to ourselves and not spur out hate to our fellow Americans

    1. Finally a comment which makes total sense. You hit the nail on the head. All this stupid hatred toward each others has to stop., It is just what what our enemies want. Thank you so veyr much and God bless you and keep youi safe during these difficult tmes,.

  13. Any writer who imagines that this woman is, or ever was non-partisan really needs to have their mouths washed out with Janitor in a Drum just before being institutionalized for the dangerous mentally ill along with all of the other Demoncrat Ideologs in the media (notice media in lower case letters). This little twit has been so up the …of every Demonocrat since the Notorious Pedophilic Bill Clinton.


    1. The problem is that they bring their liberal socialistic beliefs with them. I predict that Texas will be blue in 2 years. This is proof that America gets more ignorant and stupid with each birth. It’s over unless we take it back.

    2. Only kammie would be even worse! Idiots get what they voted for. More divisive rhetoric to continue their division of the unUnited States of America!🇺🇸

  15. I would really love to smash her ace in. I have had it with these evil people, if you can call them people.

  16. I thought Katie was taken off the air after her rediculous comments that she made when the towers were attacked! “Oh look another accident … a second plane has flown into the second tower”
    I yelled at her (from my Ottawa home) “you stupid bitch your country is under attack”!!!
    What disgusting piece of fluff!

  17. Satan is rolling out the red carpet for these democrats. He is very pleased with his people. So much that he has special plans for them.

    1. I once thought that the only good democrat was a dead democrat until i learned that democrats vote to ruin america even after they die-
      special plans for democrats–yes they should be put on spits and revolve like rotisserie chicken-forever-

  18. I just don’t know which thing it is about President Trump that Democrats didn’t like. Protecting our borders like most other countries do, fighting socialism and communism like many of our servicemen have lost lives to do, overturning corruption in our government and trying to make those corrupt individuals accountable,honor our flag, clean up the VA, support our police, keep us safe from terrorism, support our military, boost the economy, bring businesses back to the US, start up our space program again, develop a vaccine for covid in record time, and heaven forbid believing in America first. Imagine what he could have done with one ounce of support from the media, the democrats, the Hollywood elite, if they could have concentrated on helping him , realized he was not a politician but someone who loved this country and wanted to try to make it better. It was more important to ridicule his hair, his wife’s speech, his family, impeach him for nothing and impeach him again for asking for the peaceful support of the values held by over 75 million Americans or as we all know, many more. What a way to unite this country. Ok leftists show all us righties how it’s done. God help America. Katie C. Your the least of our worries.

  19. I have heard it said that many who say things like she did have never really looked in the mirror and seen the disfigured mind behind the face and seen the real person who shout be de-programmed

  20. The Democrats are correct that there was a cult but like in so many other things they are guilty of projecting. The cult’s mantra was “Vote Blue no matter who.” As to Katie Couric …..well I will just say that I give her comments the respect they deserve – which is absolutely none. I remember her deceptive editing of her interview with 2nd Amendment supporters.

  21. I will not watch her on Jeopardy! We watch the show every night, but not if you put Couric is hosting. Please do something Jeopardy executives she would tarnish Alex’s memory!

  22. Couric is a pompous jerk. If she appears on any channel I turn it. Love jeopardy but if she shows up no more watching it.

  23. Katie Couric is overrated and a self absorbed jerk that speaks before she thinks. Never cared
    for her. Time to shut this arrogant, pompous idiot down! We never watch any program she is on.
    A “holier than thou” blue face!

    1. The hate I hear, where did my country go, what did I fight for. To let these fools burn down our city’s, kill our children, and our grandchildren. And all to make themselves wealthy, all to enrich themselves? Biden Pelosi Schumer, all old decerped fools.

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