rand paul voter fraud claims

Senator Rand Paul is among those passionate enough to not give up on allegations of rampant voter fraud in the election that handed Joe Biden the White House. Although many Conservative politicians have dropped the matter, Rand Paul refuses to give up.

The Kentucky Senator has continued to firmly assert that voter fraud occurred in the 2020 election. In an interview this past weekend, Paul said there were instances of people voting twice, dead people voting, and illegal immigrants voting during the election. Paul also noted in several state’s voting laws were unconstitutionally changed by their secretaries of states.

He contended courts did not actually consider evidence of voter fraud in dismissing several cases filed by the Trump campaign and allies. Paul added he would be working to address alleged irregularities over the next two years.

“In Wisconsin, tens of thousands of absentee votes had only the name on them and no address. Historically those were thrown out. This time they weren’t,” Paul stated. “They made special accommodations because they said, ‘it’s a pandemic and people forgot what their address was,’ so they changed the law after the fact. That is wrong, that’s unconstitutional, and I plan on spending the next two years going around state to state and fixing these problems.”

Paul stressed alleged irregularities need to be investigated in order to increase confidence in our elections.

“The debate over whether or not there was fraud should occur, we never had any presentation in court where we actually looked at the evidence. Most of the cases were thrown out for lack of standing, which is a procedural way of not actually hearing the question,” Paul said on ABC’s “This Week.”

What do you think? Do you believe the 2020 election stolen from President Donald J. Trump, and if so, what should be done about it?

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63 thoughts on “Rand Paul Insists There Was Voter Fraud in 2020 Election”

    1. YES THERE WAS VOTER FRAUD! ITS CALLED TREASON! Remember when Nancy said, “We have arrows in our quiver”? Now we know what she meant!! Their TREASONOUS ACT to overthrow our government was well planned well in advance of 11/3/20, and it took thousands of players in almost every state to pull it off!!!! Joe Biden is not President of crap! He’s illegitimate and he will go to prison along with everyone else who was involved!! WE ARENT GOING AWAY YOU STUPID DEMOCRATS!

  2. Thank you rand Paul for being a real American conservative. Biden is a fraudulent occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania ave. The entire group of socialist thugs should be run out on a rail.


      1. I agree there was plenty of evidence if only someone would have looked into it. Now we’re stuck with an idiot in the White House who cares nothing about we the people. Who is going to give our country to China . We’re in for a rough ride.

  3. There needs to be thorough investigations in each state, especially those that used the Dominion voting machines, which need to be forensicly tested for all circumstances of being able to change votes either by programing or hacking by independent experts in that field of expertise. All evidence of any fraud needs to be completely analyzed and proved or disproved and all conclusions need to be made public and honestly broadcasted by all news media.

  4. I agree with Rand Paul. The courts never looked at any evidence. I’ll never trust another election. What a shame these politicians have brought against our country. Look at Mitt Romney and others like him. I have no respect for anyone of these Rinos

  5. I think we are seeing what Biden is all about, immigration, pipeline, no oil on government land, guys in girls sports, dolling out money like it’s candy. We won’t have a country when the liberals are through.

  6. The Dominion Voting Machines and the related software were used for the first time in 20 plus States. This issue has yet to be litigated although there is one case in the works where Dominion is suing Rudy Giuliani for defamation of character among other things. Computer technicians can explain this more in detail but these machines have the capacity to change actual votes or record them as less than face value. Who was responsible for bringing these voting machines into the USA ? They should be held accountable as well as the relevant Board of Elections.

  7. Yes, it was a fraudulent election and any body with any since knows it. Biden set in his basement waiting to be President because he knew the Democrats would take care of it. My daughter has never voted Democrat and she got 3 mail in voter cards in her mail that wanted her to vote for Biden and send it in. She has always voted Republican. Are we as Americans that dumb to not see what happened..

  8. The evidence of voter fraud was enormous. As it’s been said the courts didn’t bother to even look at anything related to voter fraud. It’s happened before why couldn’t it happen again (especially under the present conditions)? The vote count discrepancy from 2016 was too great for no action to be taken. Besides, the libs bragged too much about what they could do. It’s time for federal voting guidelines (no mail in ballots!) and voter IDS with changes only made by the US Supreme Court. It’s time for legal work to be done and the illegals brought to justice.

    1. Richard I was in Afghanistan during the time for voting, don’t you think I deserve to vote? I was actually serving my country as opposed sitting here only talking about Patriotism, “God Bless America” or “Make America Great Again”. If the Democrats “stole” the election and people were saying that for months ahead of the election, then why didn’t anybody do something to prevent it? Actually, Republicans held the Senate and the White House as well as most of the assemblies of the states that were stolen. Why all the anger after the horse have left the barn?

  9. I’m glad someone hasn’t given up. I couldn’t believe the legal system didn’t look into any of the accusations. Just said no standing. I was sent 5 ballots for voting, but was not smart enough to save them. And they all came from the state of New Mexico.

    1. What good would that do? They have it tapped that after they sent poll watchers home that there was ballot boxes pulled out & counted and on top of that- crossing out
      Trump’s name & putting Biden’s name in & nothing was done. That was on the internet-maybe true or not.

  10. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Thank YOU, Rand Paul!!, for standing STRONG for WE THE PEOPLE who know and hold true these FACTS that need to be KNOWN and sounded from the roof-tops!! You have our prayers for wisdom and courage to accomplish THIS, YOUR MISSION!! for such a time as this.

  11. “IF” I remain a Republican it will be because of a few good men like Rand Paul. If people like Romney and McConnell continue in the party it loses all political significance. At 87 years and counting, for the first time in my life I have lost my optimism for this Great Country.

  12. Go Rand Paul I believe there was wide spread Fraud if the dems don’t want to hear it they know too trump belongs in White house go Rand give them hell and don’t stop

  13. If the supreme court had not run south the communist voting fraud would have been corrected. I thought they were real Americans

    1. Thank you for stating my exact thoughts. The Supreme Court is responsible for all of the problems we are having right now in this country. There would not have been a demonstration that had entered the Congress building if the Supreme Court had addressed the lawsuit the states had brought against the election fraud. We would have had our doubts put to rest if they had. They responsible for everything going on now. They did not do their job, so now we all have doubts. I hold them accountable….and at this point, pretty worthless.

  14. I do not understand why the evidence would not be heard when clarifying would have solved this problem. A very bad decision on behalf of the courts and the highest court as well. This leaves a big hole in democracy. It’s not just the election that was fraudulent but our courts appear to be as bad if not worse. Because of this lack of clarification I have to say, there is a Fox in the hen house. This is a very serious problem that if not fixed will morph into lack of trust not only in our election but our courts as well. Without justice how can democracy persist. I believe you are seeing the repercussions play out daily in our cities and in the news.

  15. Simply the fact that if a state such as Arizona = 51% Biden and 49% Trump; Why would ALL electoral votes go to Biden?! Realistically speaking (with 11 electors in AZ) this should be 6 for Biden and 5 for Trump – Not ALL 11 for Biden.

  16. Rand Paul and the rest of the “dead heads” will never admit the election is over – why don’t we all try to get “united” as the President suggests and work to improve our country instead of working over and over the election, enough is enough.

  17. It is a travesty of justice that the courts couldn’t take the time to read the evidence that was presented. Maybe it wasn’t complete but they should have given more time to actually read the evidence given and at least point out what they considered to be deficient and time given to correct these problems. Even jaywalkers are given an opportunity to clarify any reasons for their transgressions.And they wonder why Americans will never trust the voting system in this country ever again.If the Republicans had pulled these shenanigans there would have been a huge outcry , wringing of the hands , and gnashing of Demoncrats teeth. Put that with the demonstrations caused by the liberals that destroyed cities all over the country.

  18. A big thank you to Mr. Paul. Please continue your effort to correct a wrong. Perhaps others will develop a spine. In fairness to the American republic and the millions that voted for President Trump, this issue should have never been swept under the rug and discarded in such a careless, undemocratic, unjust manner. Their way of dealing with this has only caused more division and more problems for our nation. May God enlighten our elected government officials to do the right, fair and just thing for the benefit of all Americans. Election fraud is something that should always be of concern to every American and it should always be a priority to eliminate or minimize to as close to 0% as possible. Fair and clean elections is what allows a government to be of the people, by the people, and for the people and allows us to enjoy the freedoms that others have not been able to achieve.

  19. Only those who have not actually looked at all the evidence of fraud or those who absolutely refuse to believe what they are seeing could possibly contend that there was not significant voter fraud. I am convinced there was criminal voter fraud. The problem is to be able to prove who was responsible for it. Only those who are happy with the outcome of this election could ever again be confident that the subsequent elections are honest & reliable. That fact alone justifies a full investigation of the cases in question. We deserve to know so we can trust the next election.

  20. Thank God for Rand Paul. I am so frustrated with our government, the Republican Party…and most definitely the Supreme Court. There is no question this election was corrupt…and the worst thing was the truckload of ballots sent from New York to Pennsylvania. Undoubtedly they had already been counted for Biden in New York then we’re sent to Pennsylvania to be counted there. The Democrats are so corrupt…and Our government is so corrupt. Our taxes are being spent on ridiculous things. What is wrong with the idiots we sent to Congress? Thank God for people like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. There are a handful of good ones, but so many are wimps and undesirables. President Trump was the first good President since Reagan….and I want him back! My heart breaks for what Biden is doing.

  21. God bless you Rand Paul. Keep up the GOOD fight! I still firmly believe things will change within the next 2 months and President Trump will still be our President. The truth will come out. As the Bible states, “The truth shall set you free.” God bless ALL Trump supporters.

  22. Without a doubt there was Voter fraud.. the biggest this country has ever seen… Its a totally disgrace how this whole Election was handled .. And the way our main street media has done a about face… they look right in the camera and just ball face lie… But guess what folks people are starting to see thru them… Its all about to come down.

  23. Yes….the 2020 election is not over….the wrong person has had an inauguration. Voter fraud is a crime and I believe a lot of people need to be arrested and put in jail.

    Donald Trump was the legal winner of the election and until this is straightened out our country is under an illegal President!!!

  24. Thank you Senator Rand Paul for your courage and belief there was voter fraud. Absolutely without a doubt and now Biden is the illegitimate president and Harris will slip in the back door. God help us! The courts did nothing and with the exception of a few Republicans, the rest of the party turned their backs on Trump (McConnel !) and hung him out to dry. The Republican Party better step up to the plate and start fighting back with a vengeance. Otherwise this country is lost forever! Voter fraud is very serious and mail in ballots should be banned permanently. Vote in person, show proof who you are, or Absentee Ballots only.
    Otherwise, You Can’t Vote!
    God Bless America 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  25. the biggest SCAM in US HISTORY..does anyone really
    believe biden won..he is a puppet for nancy and the
    and the DemocRats and tech companies.

  26. Biden himself said, ” We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the History of American politics!”

  27. Why were they not arrested? In the movies all the FBI needs for a conviction is an admission of guilt on tape. I’ve yet to see one violator of our right to vote get arrested. No citizen arrests either. Why is that? Why are the troops not called out to remove the Dominion voting machines?

  28. We need to impeach this pos demented old fool. He’s going to cost the people their life .
    He’s just not good for the America people, he’s not a legal president period.
    They stole the election and he’s aware of it. There’s no way he can beat a Trump period.
    We can protest on the steps of the Capitol for scotus and make them hear us to look at the evidence on voter fraud. BIdens policies just isn’t working for the american people,,
    If your a person of color he’s for you.

  29. my niece is a school teacher who moved 3 years ago from California to Arizona yet she was sent 11 ballots from California for the election filled out for Biden She filed a complaint but nothing was done What about this you people that say nothing was wrong and we”Trumpers “should quit complaining

  30. my niece is a school teacher who moved 3 years ago from California to Arizona yet she was sent 11 ballots from California for the election filled out for Biden She filed a complaint but nothing was done What about this you people that say nothing was wrong and we”Trumpers “should quit complaining ?

  31. Wake up Americans. Voter fraud is not a new concept. It’s a historical tradition in this country. The fact is we can not count on any election. This may sound disturbing and perhaps difficult to believe but we must see the forest regardless of the trees. In July I was hearing how Biden was inexorably given the lead in all of the polls and yet couldn’t find one single person who supported Biden. It’s a dog and pony show evidenced by the fact that not one single major news outlet deviating from the narrative. There’s no point in being upset because it’s always been this way and always will be. We should not despair because our power doesn’t come in the guise of the vote. It comes in the power of purchase. The almighty dollar is what rules the world. Again it always has and always been will be. Before logging in to Facebook Twitter or any other left only supported media we must realize we are absolutely supporting their views ny utilizing theirservicesandthereforefinancing them. Without us they don’t exist. When you decide to purchase anything take a little time to find who you are giving your money to. I for one am completely and totally finished with all narrative creating entities. We know what we see and yet we’re force fed the liberal agenda. Just watch any news channel and then flip around and you will see the narratives are exactly the same without any differences. It’s obvious once you see the words are always the same. I ask myself who has the power to create and impose an all encompassing narrative? The answer is right in front of you. Several names come to the forefront but unless you have more power and money you simply can not fight them in a direct manner. The only way is to stop buying into the bs narratives that we already know to be false. Stop watching fake news and stop supporting mediums that push a ridiculous leftist agenda or the false narrative will become reality. Wake up and stop ignoring what you see and know to be true. Stop letting the power behind the scenes manipulate you.

  32. Thank you for standing up for 75 million of us that voted and millions more that agree it was a criminal act by the elites in the Democratic Party and the Republicans in office that have been paid off with big money donors. We no longer have freedoms to express our views. We should all band Facebook/Twitter.

  33. You know it, I know it, the world knows it, and even the democrat’s know but just won’t admit the election was stolen from Donald Trump. The good book say’s the truth will set you free and when it does it will be a cold day in H**l before the Democrat’s win another election.

  34. Picture I’d for all voters no mail in ballots no illegal immigrants should vote. This is crazy in 2020 to have this happen. The democrats want the power so bad they would do anything to get it. There should be a better record kept for people’s death. With all the smart people in tech they should come up with a way to keep inventory on them. Thank you Rand Paul for sticking with this and finding out the truth.

    1. Biden is a liar, thief, traitor, n a disgrace to this country. Bimbo Harris is a ho. Look into her past. Thank you Rand Paul, Josh Hawley, n Ted Cruz for standing up for our PRESIDENT ( the only PRESIDENT ), n our rights. God Bless you all.

  35. Biden is a liar, thief, traitor, n a disgrace to this country. Bimbo Harris is a ho. Look into her past. Thank you Rand Paul, Josh Hawley, n Ted Cruz for standing up for our PRESIDENT ( the only PRESIDENT ), n our rights. God Bless you all.

  36. Dominion is owed by Nancy Polosi’s husband. He acquired it from George Soros, this should explain who and why. Voter fraud happened on a nationwide scale never before seen, its obvious to anyone capable of simi intelligent thought patterns. Obiden, Harris and Polosi should be removed from office, tried on charges of treason against the Constitution of the United States. If found guilty, sentence is prescribed by law and should be swift.

  37. I am in my 87th year, Donald Trump is by far the best president in my life time. He was getting things done while fighting everything the Dems . could think of and winning every time until the virus hit us. The mail in ballot fraud was rampant, but no court would hear the case. We are told the evidence is there, but if no court will hear the case, how can we get relief? Trump got more votes than any candidate in history after campaigning hard. Biden got even more votes while sitting in his basement. This doesn’t smell good. I will support Senator Rand Paul in his effort to correct this mess.
    Jimmy Ray

  38. We need a plan to elect real republicans:
    -we need to define what is “republican” today. Then if we get that right, then need to do the following:
    – we need to use 21st century communications to publicize, to everyone, a representative’s “votes” versus their “talk” to see if they are genuine.
    -we need representatives who do not “blow with the wind”. Instead of asking for more and more money, start spending real time arguing for substantive issues(issues that are based on Constitutional powers granted).
    -we need to wake up Republican voters. Do that by doing your elected jobs; and if you do your jobs, you will find your approval rating, and support,rising out of the commode!
    My hats off to Rand, Cruz, and probably only 100ish other congressional men and women who are “statesmen”. My strongest disregard for those like democrat Romney and other rinos, and others who shame the republican platform.
    Republicans(reps and voters as a whole) got what we deserve when we did not “raise the roof” to confront blatant lies, corruption and cowardice
    In multiple branches of government in Washington. So, what are we going to do about it?

  39. I’ll keep this short and simple. The election was stolen. What ought to be done about it? Removal of the puppet Biden administration by Force. If this requires a second civil war it’s well worth it seeing that their intention is to destroy the country as we know it.

  40. We need TERM LIMITS. Half of the idiots, Pelosi,Schumer, Schiff, Romney, AOC and the squad, and so many more would be gone ( or gone soon ). I don’t know what needs to be done to get term limits on the federal ballot, but it needs to happen. Someone talked about a civil war, well we won’t need one if Biden keeps going. He has already stopped the pipeline, stopped oil production on government land, put boys in girls sports and denied gender, and the list goes on and on and he hasn’t even been in office a week! We will all need to learn to speak Chinese before long. Our Country is in real trouble. The idiots in our government don’t care.

  41. Thank you Rand Paul for offering some kind of hope! America as we know it is at the mercy of the Dems, but they don’t have any! Not a doubt exists that this election was stolen by the Dems. Pray you prove it! President Trump was railroaded out of office!

  42. So appreciative of you in your efforts to help our country and the people’s rights. Your love for honesty and the Constitution have caused you difficult times, and we are all very grateful.

  43. The FBI questioned the national guard that was at the capital. They stated that the majority of them would have voted for Trump, which was a worry. So I ask you who the heck voted for Biden. Must have been Mr Machine

  44. People are simply indulging in defeatism by stating the Deep State will never pay for its collective crimes. The criminals concerned will be caught and punished in the coming years because confirmed evidence and the dispensing of justice, is not subject to a time scale, not even in death.

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