Democrats Aim to Target Stimulus Payment and Shrink Jobless Benefit

Democrats Aim to Target Stimulus Payment and Shrink Jobless Benefit

  21 Feb 2021   ,

Using the once-a-year budget reconciliation, House Democrats are attempting to bypass GOP requests to reduce the $1.9 trillion relief proposal to support unemployment benefits and stimulus checks. The American Rescue Plan proposed by President Joe Biden would help unemployed by extending benefits through August 29, 2021 and increasing the benefit from $300 per week to $400 and stimulate the national economy by granting $1400 checks to citizens meeting eligibility requirements.

“Our nation is struggling, the virus is still not contained, and the American people are counting on Congress to meet this moment with bold, immediate action,” said Richard E. Neal (D), Ways and Means Committee Chairman.

Democrats have not decreased the size of the stimulus check, as Republicans requested, but have lowered income thresholds of $75,000-per-individual and $150-per-couple. Lowering the income threshold may allowed Democrats to extend unemployment benefits past the Initial date in August to perhaps beyond September. The Ways and Means Committee is aiming to keep this from happening.

A tool not currently in, but has wide support for adding to the legislation, are automatic stabilizers.  This tool is used to induce taxes by providing a stimulus, thus decreasing fluctuation of the GDP, by linking the amount of unemployment benefits to the tax revenues. Adding automatic stabilizers to the plan Is widely supported.

This first drafts of the American Rescue Plan introduced to the Ways and Means Committee is under review. After sections of the Plan are amended by appropriate House Committees, they will progress to the Budget Committee and considered on the floor. The success of the bill is dependent upon whether it can obtain at least 51 votes in the Senate.

This can be accomplished without GOP support via a tie-breaking vote by Vice President Kamal Harris, given it has full support of the Democratic Senate. However, more central-leaning Democrats, such as Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), are leaning toward more targeted stimulus payments then those proposed in the initial Biden proposal.

Despite the lack of Republican support in the Senate, a surprising 53% of Republicans in a National Research poll conducted between 11 and 15 February support passing Biden’s emergency legislative package. The poll also shows that 73% of Americans, including Democrats, Independents, and Republicans, support Biden’s plan.

The final vote on this legislation, showing true conservative values, will be interesting.

16 thoughts on “Democrats Aim to Target Stimulus Payment and Shrink Jobless Benefit


  2. It’s not that Republicans support Biden’s plan.
    It’s just that Democrats have dragged their feet for so long, citizens are seriously hurting and Republicans want citizens to get some help quickly at this point, even if it is substantially more costly!

    1. Less than a month in office slow-Joe and 40,000 jobs have already been lost with the pipeline and then some. But let’s spend money on impeachment procedures it’s only the taxpayers dollars right Nancy? We can just give the American people $600 in stimulus money and give trillions to the poor countries that need our help right guys? No sense whatsoever. God help us all

  3. I read the bill last night, took a few hours. It actually says that couples AGI was $150,000 but was changed to $75,000, heads of household to $50,000 and single taxpayers $25,000. There’s a lot of $ allocated for food programs, rental & mortgage help, utilities, and unemployment aid. The stimulus would be $1,400, including dependents. There’s the usual other stuff on Pelosi’s wish list, but I don’t see why school funding is allowed since schools aren’t open in most places. The minimum wage proposal is $9.50 an hour, to gradually increase to $15 by 2025.
    This week will be interesting to see if this all passes. They have until Friday. Unemployment ends in March 14.

  4. “BOLD, immediate action”..?? Sure for their own Bank Accounts…!!!! biden, I am sure is HARD at “work” when it comes to HIMSELF/FAMILY, as well as Congress…..!!!!

  5. As I see it.i for sure didn’t ask for the COVID..and these little stimuls checks are sort of a joke.and with Biden letting in immgrants .seriously. We’re not even put of Covid.The money is going the wrong directions etc.schools are starting to open out this way which I am questioning why?
    Do parnets really need a baby sitter.
    Or heck just send your kids to school not like catching lice
    It’s only COVID that can kill you.
    I remember a law that clinton had in standing.if you harbor a immigrant in your home.or if you have them a will go to jail..
    But not new president new laws?
    I also remember Obama where the Syrians came in on boats ..there was no woemen nor kids..just men..that came in to the U.S.A and spreaded every in The U.S.
    And who gave them money?
    Now these are Syrian Men.No Women No Children.well that’s another ride in the USA.and who supports them?
    That would be the US.
    So it’s you to to jail if you help or support an illegal alien .
    Now it’s you help them get across.
    Oh lets not for get Trump’s wall.
    All that money that just got wasted.
    So then the unemployment is way down does it say .if we let in illegal immigrants
    They would work for nothing?
    Since our unemployment is High every where?? Oh that’s right ..thats what welfare is for right??

  6. Mitch and Toomey and other stupid traitors in the Republican Party cost us the Senate and the election. Bad mouthing the Stimulus over the 1400 per person, or 2800 per couple stimulus, and lowering the threshold to 50,000 dollars, cost us the election, and the Senate. Now these same fools are bad mouthing the stimulus over this all over again! Instead of using more legitimate reasons such as paying for their Green Plan or paying off the debt of Blue States. So are they really that stupid, or are they trying to fool us?

  7. Why not mandatory work requirements? They can shovel snow or clear ditches, but don’t give a free ride! The actual “physical disabled “ can be assigned desk work. We cannot continue to carry the whining weannies anymore

    1. I am disabled. I can’t work physically and all the meds the doctors have me on make me forgetful and my memory isn’t worth a crap anymore. How about I take a desk job for you and hope I don’t screw up your business jackass!!! Oh, by the way I’m 60 and I only make 516.00 a month!!

  8. and on top this charade the stimulus of 1400 has not been issued to family’s of America for caged fence with bob wire around capital rather then feed familys of American people and help with them paying rent and utilities during this covid pandemic

  9. There is too much “junk” in the bill as usual with the Democrats! What do the Arts and Museums have to do with Covid? Get people back to work and quit giving incentives with extra unemployment benefits to tempt them to stay home! Help the people who need the help, and open the schools and give them the help they need.

  10. It’s a wish list. God has a plan for all of us and you would be interested to know that. It’s up to the American people to learn to stand up and be heard. Get a spine like some of the people say about the Senate and Congress. Learn from the mistakes in the past. Read the book of Revelation chapter 17 and 18 and if you think about it we are surrounded by water. Enjoy your checks

  11. Less than a month in office slow-Joe and 40,000 jobs have already been lost with the pipeline and then some. But let’s spend money on impeachment procedures it’s only the taxpayers dollars right Nancy? We can just give the American people $600 in stimulus money and give trillions to the poor countries that need our help right guys? No sense whatsoever. God help us all

  12. The COVID-19 bill as written has too much pork in it that has nothing to do with COVID-19. The national debt is already too high. The bill should only address COVID-19 issues such as people out of work needing stimulus and unemployment to pay their bills, not people who have jobs. There is already a trillion dollars approved from last year that hasn’t been used yet!

    Vaccinate the elderly and those with health issues first!
    Open up schools per the science!
    Open up businesses per the science!
    Impeach Joe Biden and Kamala Harris!
    Stop illegal aliens from coming in the southern boarder!

  13. Be very clear about this….if you do Not have your shot of experimental biological agent aka vaccine, Which also gives them consent to track and trace you for two years, they are not going to give you a dime. That is why they are putting it off until they can force it on people and anyone who “does not consent” Which is required by the Geneva convention will be forced into a fema camp for deplorable, the obedient will be tomorrow’s slaves and the deplorable well since they are using China’s model will be used as organ farms. This is also why they want our guns so bad, because we are just as armed as the military they want to use against us. They are telling people what they have planned, we must stick together and stand against them together. The department of energy cut off Texas power and water and they will systematically cause severe weather via geoengineering then cut the utilities, so they can charge carbon taxes in the name of climate change. The climate is only changing as much as they want it to, to sell the narrative. Make no mistake, we are under attack. At this point we must get rid of anyone, governors, legislators, judges etc., who are complicit in their plans. I applaud Florida and hope many others will follow their lead.

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