DeSantis Combats Big Tech

DeSantis Combats Big Tech

  12 Feb 2021   ,

Florida State leaders, including Governor Ron DeSantis, State Senate President Wilton Simpson, Senator Danny Burgess, House Speaker Chris Sprowls, and State Representative Blaise Ingoglia of Spring Hill, banded together to take resolute action against the big tech and social media oligarchy.  It is obvious that the de-platforming of President Donald J. Trump jeopardizes the future communications of society’s leading figure.

“What began as a group of upstart technology companies from the West Coast has since transformed into an industry of monopoly communications platforms that monitor, influence, and control the flow of information in our country and among our citizens,” Governor DeSantis said as he introduced us to the Transparency in Technology Act.

“In Florida, our message to Big Tech is loud and clear,” Governor DeSantis declared, saying,Big Tech companies have long since abdicated the protection of consumers for the pursuit of profit and we can’t allow Floridians’ privacy, voices, or livelihoods be violated or diminished. When it comes to elections, Big Tech shouldn’t be in the business of censoring or de-platforming candidates, but rather, voters should be able to make that choice independently. Floridians should be able to choose which content to consume and which to ignore, because I want to preserve Florida’s rich, diverse public discourse and not allow corporate-owned, content managing outlets to dominate our voices. With the help of our legislative partners, we’re going to stand together and support Floridians and put a stop to Big Tech’s practice of preying on, censoring and de-platforming consumers.”

To protect citizens against these activities, the Transparency in Technology Act proposes to:

  • require notice of changes to Terms of Services,
  • allow users to deny of theft and sale of personal data,
  • fine offenders $100,000 daily for muffling a user, and
  • identify the endorsement of one candidate over another as political support.

“This guy has got what we call an iron-enforced spine”, endorses Rush Limbaugh.

Senate President Simpson urged congress to act and stop Big Tech from muffling conservatives, asserting that legislation could add more protections to the Act. House Speaker Sprowls declares the dominion of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, and Apple, will be terminated. This Act is to demand transparency and consistency from an often-unrestricted industry, described State Representative Ingoglia.

“Big Tech should not be allowed to discriminate based on content and ban individuals just because they do not agree with their viewpoint,” said Senator Burgess.

21 thoughts on “DeSantis Combats Big Tech

  1. Thank you to Governor DeSantis and the others involved in the action against big tech. While I am not always a huge fan of the Governor (I did vote for him and will again), something must be done to stop the big tech monopolies. I think it will take more states joining Florida to make this a reality, but what a start! I have been putting my comments about this on everything I can and many of my comments do not get published, they just disappear. I firmly believe that big tech and the media is ruining our beautiful country, they control our politics and the truth is whatever they want it to be. They will be a formidable opponent. They have started taking away our First Amendment rights and I am sure they will be working very hard on the Second Amendment soon. That is when we will cease to be the country that we were. Many men and women have given their lives for what these rich liberals are taking away.

  2. Ron DeSantis is one of the best things that has happened to Florida in YEARS!! FINALLY, a Governor with a knowledge of right and wrong, and standing up for what he believes is right and just for not just all Floridians, but to set an example for honest and uncorrupt government here in Florida, while setting the table for 49 other states to follow!
    CONGRATULATIONS Governor DeSantis!!! You have my full support!

  3. All the states need to jump on this bandwagon and regulate big tech censoring within their borders. The corrupt censoring big tech execs need to be put in their places. As much as I dislike big tech censoring, I don’t believe in internet ad taxes….these will be challenged in court and ultimately tossed out….no one should have to pay any type of sales tax to exercise the First Amendment.

  4. Thank you Governor DeSantis! I wish EVERY politician would stand up for their citizens And America’s Constitution as you do! Bravo Super Republican! If only their were more to follow your fine example! You give us HOPE when there is little to hold on to! God bless you!

  5. Governor DeSantis is a very strong and dedicated governor. More of our states governors need to take notice of this and act accordingly. Also all of you people out there who agree with him take it upon yourselves and stop using Facebook, google, amazon and apple or whatever silences your voices. Governors can only do so much. Now it’s up to the people to let our voices be heard. We didn’t need these things 20 years ago and can do without them now.
    We need to wake up before it’s too late.

  6. Seems like a common sense approach to dealing with major flaws. Betrayal of trust rarely gets healed to anyone’s satisfaction. Alternatives must be encouraged not suppressed.

  7. Thank you, Governor DeSantis! I was recently reprimanded by Facebook for posting the Mercian Dictionary definition of McCarthyism because the post was against Facebook community standards. Their act was unadulterated censorship.

  8. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. In today’s cancel culture our biggest and best option is to play the same game. Therefore I have not logged into fb since March of 2020. I have canceled my Twitter account and will NEVER use Tic Toc for anything. The liberals have everything they want and will get what they deserve. One sided news one sided opinions. That would be whatever narrative the oligarchy chooses. Disagree you will be canceled. Now we have insider information about how fb deals with conservative speech. There’s no more opportunities to lie and deny. So if you’re a conservative you are now on notice. Logging into fb furthers the leftist agenda. If seventy-five million people log out the cost for Zuckerberg would be enormous. So now the choice is yours. Either stand up and turn your back on fb or you’re part of the problem. Let’s see how many of you will like super inflation higher taxes and five dollar a gallon fuel.
    (#Me Neither)

  9. I’ve heard it said the neveau rich act out of guilt because the money just flows like water for them. In this guilt they have an incessant urge to assuage their guilt by forcing everyone to be required to give handouts. They don’t live in normal communities like all of us. They suffer no consequences when violent criminals are set free on an unsuspecting public. They aren’t concerned about competing for jobs with undocumented workers who will work for very cheap. It doesn’t bother them that a new vehicle costs fifty thousand dollars. They are literally bored and have too much money. We conservatives do not feel they should give it all away and we harbor no I’ll intent on those who have reached the level of insanity rich. We’re not asking for seventy percent tax rates for a select few. Yet these newly rich via their own guilt believe they have the right to speak for all. If what we believe doesn’t fit their narrative they silence us. Whether or not this idea of guilt reasoning is factual or not those like Zuckerberg were well aware of the coming limitations via the Trump administration and they did everything in their power to end it. The time has come for all conservatives to play the same cancel culture game that is being used against us. Walk away from those who would silence us. I say cancel fb twitter tic toc etc. No more watching NBC CNN and CBS. It’s obvious there’s no place for conservative Americans in their world view. Cancel the cancellers.
    (#Me Either)

  10. It is about time that someone in politics has the energy, brains and commitment to reign in those attempting to totally control our lives and deny us our rightful freedoms. I knew it had to be a Republican as the majority of Dems are self centered and only looking out for themselves . Hope fully this is only the first step to reign in those thoughtless policies Dems today. This is the kind of person we NEED as President of this great country before the current administration ruins it all forever. Go America -One Nation under GOD.

  11. He made Fake News and Big Tech look stupid, which they are. So now they coming after him just like they have over Trump. No one dares to defy them. They must have China in their portfolios or miss out on billions.

  12. Thank you, Governor DeSantis! I hope and pray other leaders across this country will follow your lead and join with you in what will undoubtedly become a big court battle.
    Governor Abbott, where are you? I believe that a great majority of the people of Texas agree with Governor DeSantis and his plan to get big tech under control. Please don’t put this issue on the back-burner or simply ignore it. Something needs to be done, now!
    Thank you, again, Governor DeSantis! May God bless you and those who work with you.

  13. Thank you Govenor. For standing up for our wonderful country. For you mark cuban I allways respected you. But I’m sorry. I can’t anymore. These athletes get rich from this country and the hard working people. And those that have died to keep us free. Please respect us.

  14. Sounds like a step in the right director further preventing the erosion of our Constitutional guarantees of Freedom of Speech and of the Press. Perhaps something may be done to stop servers from blocking their users from preparing and sending a retort to what the Server has posted as current news, news that may be in conflict with the users opinions.

  15. Thank God. Finally a republican is speaking out for liberty free speech. If you look at the last four letters of Republ Ican ( i can) .that should be the hallmark of all the Republicans in office to stop being intimidated and follow DeSantis lead.

  16. Good Afternoon Governor DeSantis. It’s a beautiful worm afternoon here in Mississippi and while I’m at my computer I just wanted to express my appreciation to you for being such a strong and outspoken American. Governor, I’ve always been a big dreamer and how about this one ? (1) The Democrats found guilty stealing the election and Trump given the balance of the term plus another one. Trump serving two years and by pre-approval by congress, DeSantis serves the next four. The way I figure it is that when president trump trains you on what’s going on he’ll probably be ready to retire anyway.

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