Despite increasing allegations of sexual misconduct, a defiant Governor Cuomo refuses to resign.

The beleaguered Governor has now been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment. He’s also been accused of covering up nursing home deaths in New York at the outset of the pandemic last year. The two scandals have prompted many state lawmakers, even some Democrats, to call for Cuomo’s resignation.

The latest report of sexual misconduct came over the weekend from a woman named Ana Liss. She told the details of an allegedly “toxic” working environment created by the Governor’s office to the Wall Street Journal. Liss, a former aide of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, said he asked her if she had a boyfriend, called her sweetheart, touched her on her lower back at a reception, and once kissed her hand when she rose from her desk. Ms. Liss is the third former female aide to accuse Mr. Cuomo of inappropriate behavior in the workplace.

In the wake of the ongoing scandals, Cuomo now faces calls to resign from state Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and state Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, both Democrats. As of Sunday afternoon, at least 35 Democrats and 12 Republicans in the New York state legislature had called for Cuomo to step down. 

Cuomo said on Sunday that “there is no way I resign” while New York Attorney General Letitia James is investigating the allegations against him. He said, “let’s get the findings, and then we’ll go from there. But I’m not going to be distracted by this either.”   

Comparisons to Virginia Governor Northam

Fox News has compared Cuomo’s refusal to resign to Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, who wouldn’t resign in 2019 despite calls from members of his own party to step down over a scandal of his own.

“#Cuomo is pulling a Northam,” University of Virginia Center for Politics Director Larry Sabato tweeted Monday, comparing the two Democrat governors.

On Sunday, right-leaning commentator Hugh Hewitt tweeted that Cuomo is “Going ‘full Northam.'”

Northam’s 2019 scandal was over a photo that appeared on his medical school yearbook page showing two men — one dressed in blackface and the other dressed as a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Northam had faced substantial pressure to resign from Democrats both in Virginia and nationwide. 

“There is no place for racism in America,” President Biden, who had not yet announced his presidential campaign, said. “Governor Northam has lost all moral authority and should resign immediately; Justin Fairfax is the leader Virginia needs now.”

However, the scandals faced by Northam and Cuomo differ in key ways. The photo Northam allegedly appeared in was taken while he was at medical school decades ago, whereas the allegations against Cuomo are from the here and now, while he was and is still serving as the Governor of New York.

The White House was yet to weigh in on whether President Biden thinks that Cuomo should resign. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said last week that the president believes “every woman should be heard” and there should be an “independent review” of the allegations against Cuomo.

But that statement was made before the latest allegations against the Governor came out.

Cuomo has vehemently denied ever touching any woman inappropriately but has taken some responsibility for the accusations. But he only apologized “that I acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable” and said it “was unintentional, and I truly and deeply apologize for it.”

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4 thoughts on “A Defiant Cuomo Says He Will Not Resign”
  1. Not a fan of Cuomo and his policies but I must say there seems to be a question of whether this actually rises to the level of harassment. We’re not talking about predatory behavior. We’re not talking about threats against others positions. Where do we draw the line between simple flirtatious behavior and actual damaging behavior? Are these women now somehow psychologically damaged due to a seemingly innocuous comment such as do you have a boyfriend? When does this woke mentality become a weapon as opposed to protection? It seems like everyone is looking for any opportunity to claim victim status. If Cuomo says things like this and is rebuffed then the issue has been clarified and thereafter he’s on notice but as it is written these appear as singular isolated incidents and should be judged accordingly. If this nonsense continues men will fear ever speaking to women. Oversensitivity does not seem to be what’s behind all this. Political maneuvering appears to be the motivation behind this type of slanderous attack on razor thin charges of sexual harassment. I only make this distinction because even though I would gladly see such an arrogant man lose his position of privilege these sorts of attacks could be ascribed to anyone at any given time. Woke mentality has created a nation of crybabies and whiners. How can anyone expect to succeed in the world when their sensitivities are the most important aspect of job performance? This has become more than ridiculous and if we don’t address these issues with a more pragmatic and logical approach I see very dark days ahead. The standards of what is acceptable behavior is changing at such a rapid rate added to it doesn’t just apply to today’s standards it seems every single one of us is walking on thin ice that gets thinner by the day. I find it difficult to believe that a person who has managed to work themselves into relatively lofty positions can truly be so deeply offended over something as unimportant as calling another sweetheart. Bad form perhaps but does it really rise to the level of harassment? I would say definitely not and Cuomo should not step down over this particular issue. Nobody was hurt and clearly there’s no evil intent. I suggest we all take a deep breath and reconsider where this is headed. Shall a smile be the next harassment or perhaps the way one looks or doesn’t respond in a manner that some Oversensitive person wants. I’m other words grow up and act like an adult or this country is destined to implode.

  2. NO! mr. cuomo is NOT “pulling a northam ” – he is pulling a mr.clinton ! The Original – “I Refuse to Resign”-guy ! This All STARTED with him!
    OK – Refuse to Resign – Then, Throw the ABUSER OUT !!! NOW – would be TOO soon! …and ALL of the other cuomo-niesta’s, as well !!!
    …and (while you’re at it) throw his brother “fredo” (from cnn) OUT TOO !!!
    (The “Rules of Common Decency” NEVER apply to hypocritical-liberals !)

  3. I am sorry Ladies but i think that asking you to wear nice clothes to work, does not make it sexual charges do not make .so he cupped your face with his hands . so when one person screams they all scream. it will take calm heads to deal with these charges . one of which is now almost impossible to view without shanking your head in not believing him. whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty

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