Q and other conspiracy theorists have said that the grounded ship that was recently freed from blocking up the Suez Canal and disrupting shipping worldwide had ties to the Hillary Clinton sex trafficking ring!

The “evidence” for the theory goes like this, the ship that got stuck in the canal on March 23 was named the Ever Given. It is owned by Taiwan-based Evergreen Marine and carries the radio call sign H3RC. Clinton’s Secret Service code name is Evergreen, and her initials are HRC.

Follows on Qanon and Q-related social media sites went on to postulate that the ship was “deliberately” stuck at the Canal “as a cover for a human trafficking activity.” The claims were being taken seriously enough that a spokesman for Evergreen Marine was forced to respond to US Today via email in which Michael Vooss, a spokesman for the company, said that Evergreen Marine was not “engaged in illegal activity of any sort…”

The Ever Given can carry up to 20,000 standard 20-foot containers, Vooss wrote.

“As such, cargo aboard the vessel at any time can include a wide spectrum of goods one would expect might be legally transported within containers,” he said. “Evergreen is not now and has never in the past been connected in any way whatsoever to Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

The company did confirm that the call sign of the vessel is indeed H3RC but says the initials are a coincidence as well.

The Clintons have been a favorite target of Qanon followers for a long time. Among other conspiracy theories aimed at the former First Lady and President Clinton,  Q supposedly hacked a decoded email that allegedly implicated Hillary and former President Barack Obama in child sex-trafficking. Another from 2018 claims there is a video of Clinton and her former aide Huma Abedin sexually assaulting a young girl.

Earlier this month, a Q-related website wrote that Navy Seals acting on Trump’s order while he was still president had arrested Hillary Clinton, and any public appearances made since the “arrest” are of a body double.

Perhaps the most famous of the conspiracy theory involving Clinton and child sex trafficking is Pizzagate, a 2016 claim that among the Clinton emails obtained and released by Wikileaks, there was a series of emails showing Democrats linked to Clinton were running a child-sex ring in the basement of a pizza shop in Washington. A North Carolina man was arrested after firing a rifle into the restaurant.

Of course, Clinton, the Democrats, and the mainstream media dismiss these claims as nothing more than conspiracy theories. However, they persist, and many find them easier to believe than the number of coincidences that would have to be necessary for them all to be untrue.

What do you think? Is the alleged link between The Ever Given and Hillary Clinton just another in a long list of “falsehoods” leveled at the former First Lady, or could there be something to them? Please reply using the comments below!

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38 thoughts on “Ship Blocking the Suez Canal Linked to Clinton?”
  1. With 160 deaths with clinton’s fingerprints?
    Suicides from car wrecks to point blank bullets in back of head. Deserted beaches ,vince foster,look alike chelsea. Multi million dollar sex therapist. Saul alinski ,wellsley lesbians, epstein spleasure with children island. Hrc, wants every child removed from homes and government indoctrinated. HMMMMM I WONDER WHY THESE THEORIES PERSIST

    1. As do recall, Bill Clinton was a guest at “the island” where you could get any illegal sexual perversion you wanted. Hillary having sex with women is well known and Yolo Ono admitted in an I her view that she had sex with Hillary. Bill? He’ll have sex with anything that’ll stand still if it’s female, so anything’s possible.

  2. I have found that anything and everything in this world is possible. look at the pResident in the Whitehouse for proof.

  3. And those TWENTY SIX flights by President Bill Clinton on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” flying to Little St. James Island in the American Virgin Islands are also rumors? His name WAS on the passenger manifest. So was Governor Bill Richardson’s. So was Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz’s name. So was randy Prince Andrew’s name. And many others that we don’t know about.

    How come none are in prison? Why is Ghislaine Maxwell in jail and refused bail? Did our wonderful Chief Justice, John Roberts visit Jeffrey Epstein’s private island? He sure is owned by the left – that’s usually some guilty party being blackmailed which seems the name of the game in Washington DC.

  4. HRC is a criminal She should have been eliminated many years ago. Can’t wait for it to happen.

  5. Clean the swamp and they all need to be held responsible for their involvement to such disgusting acts towards these innocent children. The Democratic party is a disgrace to this country! They all are liars and have been willing to bring this country down. I say put them all in jail for the rest of their lives.

    1. I agree. I have decided that Trumpers really do not have a life so they enjoy making jokes about the silliest things.

  6. A more likely conspiracy would be one with more evidence. How about the Wuhan virus is really an Obama plague? In support of this is 1. Obama and Fauci paid $3 million to research a bat virus (Corona/Covid) to the Wuhan Lab. 2. Trump issued a travel ban against China and gets called a ‘xenophobe/racist’ by Dems and MSM because of it. 3. Fauci (an Obama/Hillary fan) ran the antiviral show in this country. 4. Obama era bureaucrats violated the presidential travel ban using an obscure Obama policy to bring in exposed U.S. citizens from cruise ships and flew them into military bases in California and Washington states. The military wasn’t told about the Covid exposure risks. 5. California and Washington states became hot spots for Covid transmission. 6. The Chinese Communist Party points to the spread here and says, “Look! The U.S. military started the spread. **Conclusion** – To find out the truth of matter – Find the bureaucrats and ask who ordered them to violate the travel ban.

  7. The “Falsehoods” you mention are mostly true, but the Clinton Crime Syndicate is powerful enough to have the truth dismissed! You didn’t mention that they are also Satanists?

  8. Put the BITCH in PRISON where she belongs. Worthless sewer gutter trash. CORRUPT/EVIL/LIAR.👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻Go to hell 👺👺👺👺👺👺👺👹👹👹👹👹👹🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Your organization / staff are nothing but “yellow journalists”. There is absolutely no basis in actual FACTS, only suppositions that your organization puts forth as “facts” in your publications. This is the worst kind of news to put out in any country because it is based in “lies and false truths”. This is exactly what most “non-free” countries feed their citizens to help beat down the actual truth on any topic.
    With that said, you are actually fostering the end of “Truth in America” by putting this rubbish out there and trying to control a large group of citizens who may actually believe this “un-truth” dribble. This is the worst kind of lie. As author/pragmatist Eric Arthur Blair – known by his pen name George Orwell – once wrote, “History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

  10. I think the top 4 Dems need to be impeached and the Clintons put in jail for the way they are all trying to ruin this country for their own profits!! Who has the nerve to speak up for this country? Washington are all cowards to do it!

  11. Above the average persons pay grade. Clearly the Clintons are and have been criminals throughout their political existence. We know Bill was a sexual predator. We know he was involved with Eastern. We know multiple people directly connected with Hillary have been murdered/suicided. We know Hillary deleted all of her emails before an investigation was announced. We know all this and more yet we can not and never will know the truth. Qanon is a business designed to make money and has been doing so for a long time. Qanon ownership has been found and the owner has gone into hiding ostensibly to the Philippines. I find it very difficult to believe that some sort of extract derived from terrifying children is the real motivation behind all of this. Although it’s not mentioned anywhere here. The reality is nobody gets into a position of power like the presidency by altruistic methods. The fact is those who desire power above all else ate inherently evil. So nothing I hear or read about these types of people ever surprises me. These things are not new in the world of politics and big business. That being said I have a difficult time seeing the motivation for blocking the Suez Canal. I have read that somehow it benefits Russia yet I don’t know enough to see why. I have come to understand after 60 years of nonsense in the world of politics that it’s all a dog and pony show. Elections have always been rigged. True power lies in the hands of the ultra wealthy. The likes of the Rockefellers the Rothschild etc have always pulled the strings behind what we are led to believe are our elected officials. Simply put it’s above our pay grade and we probably don’t want to know the real truth. All we have to do is look at who attends the Bilderberg meetings where only the uber wealthy and the uber influenceers to understand we will never know. So my advice to the common people such as myself is to walk away and focus on local elections and your own family. The rest is beyond our control and therefore irrelevant. The only way to win is to not play. Otherwise you will just make yourself crazy worrying about things you can not change.

    1. The benefit of putting a huge freighter totally sideways by…accident? Is to see how long it could be done by Communist China in a time of war to stop the flow of military shipping to a war zone if need be.

  12. That’s not all. The first tugboat that tried to dislodge the Ever Given was named the Baraka. Three other tugboat that came after were named Mossadd 1, 2 and 3. Too many coincidences!

  13. Follow the 💵💵💵💵
    CUE I. WWG1WGA !!!
    GOT 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿?

  14. As do recall, Bill Clinton was a guest at “the island” where you could get any illegal sexual perversion you wanted. Hillary having sex with women is well known and Yolo Ono admitted in an I her view that she had sex with Hillary. Bill? He’ll have sex with anything that’ll stand still if it’s female, so anything’s possible. I have not made this comment before, so post this, and stop censoring the 1st Amendment rights.

  15. The benefit of putting a huge freighter totally sideways by…accident? Is to see how long it could be done by Communist China in a time of war to stop the flow of military shipping to a war zone if need be.
    I have made one prior comment, now I answered a poster’s question and I get a message 409 about too many posts? You are restricting my 1st Amendment RIGHTS to FREE SPEECH…that does not mean restricting me.

  16. Too many coincidences. I believe she is guilty. People call other people conspiracy theory to shut people down from speaking truth.

  17. Too many coincidences. People call other conspiracy theorist to shut peoples down, because they don’t want to hear a truth, they don’t believe. I believe she is guilty.

  18. Anything is possible when it involves the Clintons and their ilk. Mention Hillary’s name and the first thing that comes to mind is “evil”. Anything worse than that can’t be far behind. Is child sex trafficking a real thing? Yes! Are there sex trafficking rings present in our country? Yes! Was Bill Clinton associated with Jeffrey Epstein and is there evidence that the Clintons were close friends of Epstein? Yes! Is it a known fact that Epstein trafficked children / underage girls for sex as well as extortion? Yes! Was Huma Abedin married to Jeffrey Weiner who was sending naked selfies to underage girls and had child porn on his laptop when he was arrested? Yes! And for you Ellen D. fans…Check out her site and in particular a picture of Ellen cutting her mothers hair in her bathroom. On a wall behind her is a framed drawing of a girl tied to a tree, with a broken arm, her face has been lacerated with a blade and there is a cut from her neck down to her groin with her organs hanging out as though she has been disemboweled. (would you consider that art?) That is the same description of Hillary and Humas encounter with the Hispanic girl captured in video found on Weiners laptop. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…

  19. I am not convinced with the sex trafficking accross the Suez Canal – BUT:
    Considering Ms. Clinton’s old connections to ISIS, and the spread of these friends of her to many parts of Africa (when not sent as undercover “refugees” to Europe), gives me a feeling that the really unbelievable angle and solid position of the ‘Ever Given’ would provide a stable bridge for massive troop movements, whether a shifting (and easy move) from the fading away territory held by ISIS (as far as US troop presence can protect that) in Syria to rising presence in Africa (Somalia, Sudan, Mosambique, Libya) and a connection with Boko Haram might be welcome for future US foreign policy moves.
    Hillary has always shown a great propensity for such moves in the service of the United States, and (her former VP now having reached where she intended to be) the command structures had only changed for 4 years. In her days, there was still much demand in logistics and military shipping, from Athens to Al Quaeda and Riff-Raff in Libya – and the other half to ISIS in Northern Syria. Simply putting a solid Evergreen bridge in place would, of course, seem much more economical.

  20. Rumble has a video about the Ship, IT’S now being searched by Navy Seal’s, and they’re finding Children in cargo containers!!!!!!!!

  21. Nothing has been done to the Clintons for their indiscretions over the last 20+ years. They are terrible people and should be dealt with accordingly. What better better way to invest laundered money, and keep the the fraud out of the United states.

  22. HRC, or AS BETTER KNOWN HillBillys.
    Has 160 murders with their fingerprints,gov. Theft. Benghazi, multi million dollar sex therapist, epstein,raped,lesbians,treason, traitors. Vince foster the first. Whitewater, whitehouse porno. In fact when Bush went in, every computer was locked on pornography of every vile be way. Saul alinski HRC HERO. DISSERTATION AND INTERVIEWED HIM SERVERAL TIMES. WHY IS IT THAT EVERY DEMOCRAT PUT IN OFGICE ARE VILE,TREASONOUS,HATERS FILLED ,COMMUNIST,MARXIST, FOREIGN TRASH,LIARS,THEIVES,CHEATS, TRAITORS, PSYCHOS,OR BRAIN DEAD,

  23. I would not put anything past Hillary. She is an evil deplorable witch. Her and her puppet husband need to be in jail for all they have done. Look for the body’s. She needs to be held accountable for so many thing she would never see the light of day again

  24. Two things listed in the above comments are true facts.

    1, Yoko Ono Lennon did have a sexual relationship with Hillary Clinton during the Vietnam War period. Yoko discussed this in an interview that I read from her.

    2. Dr. Fanucci and his boss at NIH gave the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Red China about three million dollars through a third party in New York to do gain of function research with Coronavirus from bats. I have seen the payment document! The research was conducted to learn how viruses become more lethal through genetic engineering in the hope of developing vaccines to prevent pandemics! This research was outlawed in the U.S during the Obama and Biden Administration. Fanucci has told people it was worth the risk to do the research!!! Faucci and his boss should be fired, arrested, put on trial for crimes against humanity and if found guilty, sentenced to death!!! It is ironic that Dr. Faucci has done everything wrong during this pandemic. He covered for China because is is responsible for the deaths of millions of people as well as his boss and others at the zchina lab for their incompetence.

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