Does an eerie viral video recorded in Ohio show a spooky ghost girl on the side of a road?

The bizarre story all started when police in Mentor, Ohio, responded to reports of a  “seven-year-old girl running alone” in the street at night. A copy of a police incident report obtained by local TV station WKYC said police officers were “dispatched on March 10 around 10:40 p.m., to the area of Bellflower Elementary in reference to a suspicious incident. The 911 caller reported seeing a “7-year-old girl running northbound in the area.” As one officer approached Wyatt’s Greenhouse, he spotted a child fitting the description from the caller.

“I was surprised by what I saw. The person appeared to be a small child, running rather erect and too quickly for a child,” the report says.

When the officer got out of the vehicle to try and catch the child, nobody was in the area. The officer continued along the building, expecting to see a child crying or scared but instead found no signs of anyone.

Now for the weird part. A Ring Doorbell Camera at around the time of the incident captured what appears to be a “ghostly image” of a “young girl” cavorting about the area. The “mysterious” object or person appears to be all white and moving very quickly.

Multiple other departments were called in, and according to WKYC, and spent time canvassing the area but had no luck finding a child. After the search, the responding officer checked the dashcam video and found no child on the dashcam video, which was saved as an “investigative encounter.”

Shortly after trying to find the child on foot and the use of a K9, a drone team was also deployed to search the responding area and did not locate anything suspicious.

As for the spooky image on the doorbell cam, could it really be ghosts? A large bird, or some other animal, or maybe just some April Fool pranksters mucking about. Who knows but check the video out here and judge for yourself!

What do you think? Ghost, fast kid, or camera glitch? Please reply using the comments below!

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