Survival Prepping Kids

Survival Prepping Kids

The key to prepping kids for survival situations is to do it without them knowing, so they don’t become scared or nervous about their future. Instead, work trainings into their everyday lives that will help them in these situations.

First, teach them vital skills that they’ll need to survive, including:

  • Running: take kids running multiple times throughout the week to build up their strength and endurance.
  • Hunting: kids should know how to find and cook their own food when left alone in the wilderness.
  • Judo: one of the best self-defense methods, judo can teach kids how to fight off attackers using just the attacker’s body weight.

Besides these basic skills, kids must learn how to use firearms. Many kids are raised to believe that firearms are off-limits, however if you want your child to be ready in case of emergencies, it’s essential that he or she knows how to use a weapon. Make sure to teach kids that these are not toys, but serious weapons that could save lives in the face of grave danger.

Also, it’s important for parents to teach kids the basics of survival, including the rule of three. This rule states that a body can last three minutes without air, three hours without shelter in extreme conditions, three days without water and three weeks without food. Learning the rule of three will help kids prioritize what’s important when put in a survival situation.

Next time you take your kids camping, use it as a learning opportunity to teach them about various survival topics. Kids love being creative and building forts, so teaching them about finding materials for a shelter and then putting one together should actually be enjoyable for the both of you. Once a shelter has been made, take the kids fishing to learn about the different techniques and best practices to catch the most fish quickly.

Above all else, make sure that kids understand survival is all about water, food, energy and finances. As parents, it is your responsibility to prepare kids for the absolute worst scenarios, including survival situations.