Miami Private Schools Warns Teacher and Students NOT to Get COVID Vaccine!

Miami Private Schools Warns Teacher and Students NOT to Get COVID Vaccine!

A Miami private school has warned its teachers NOT to get COVID-19 vaccines citing largely unsubstantiated claims and coronavirus vaccine conspiracy theories.

An upscale private school in Miami has told its staff and students not to get the coronavirus vaccine, citing mostly debunked reports that vaccinated people can harm pregnant women and other bizarre coronavirus conspiracy theories. 

Centner Academy, a private school in Miami, is discouraging teachers from getting the COVID-19 vaccine — and in a letter to parents, the school says it will not employ anyone who has taken it. The unusual new policy directs teachers to not get the vaccine, or they won’t be allowed around students — effectively losing their jobs.

The policy has some baffled parents looking for a new school.

“The whole year has been unbelievably shuffled for all of us to know what to do. And I don’t know if there’s going to be teachers there,” said one mother, who asked to be identified as only Lidia because she says she signed a document that prohibits parents from speaking ill about the academy.

“The whole year has been unbelievably shuffled for all of us to know what to do. And I don’t know if there’s going to be teachers there,” said one mother, speaking to NBC News. She asked to be identified only as Lidia because she says she signed a document that prohibits parents from “speaking ill” about the academy or any it’s “unusual” policies.

“They’re [usually] very pro ‘my body, my choice,’ and yet, it’s the complete opposite of that is what she’s actually telling these teachers. It’s your body, but it’s her choice,” Lidia said, speaking of the school’s founder and director.

Leila Centner, the school’s co-founder, issued a statement to NBC 6 on Monday, saying in part, “We are not 100% sure the COVID injections are safe, and there are too many unknown variables for us to feel comfortable at this current time.”

In the statement, Centner suggests the vaccine may be responsible for unfounded reports of reproductive issues for women.

“It appears that those who have received the injections may be transmitting something from their bodies to those with whom they come in contact,” the statement read.

“I mean, that’s just absolutely an insane comment,” Lidia said. “I mean, I don’t know how she can possibly imagine that something’s going to pass through the air from one person to the other.”

Doctors and scientists have repeatedly debunked false information about the vaccine’s side effects, and there is no indication that any of the coronavirus vaccines cause reproductive issues for women.

In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently recommended COVID-19 shots for pregnant women after preliminary data from the largest study of coronavirus vaccine use among expectant mothers showed that Pfizer’s and Moderna’s jabs were safe for the women as well as their babies.

“No safety concerns were observed for people vaccinated in the third trimester or safety concerns for their babies,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said Friday. “As such, CDC recommends pregnant people receive COVID-19 vaccines.”

Lidia says if she could take her child out of this school now, she would, but her hands are tied. She already paid about $30,000 of tuition upfront.

Centner Academy also says its decision will stand until they know for sure the vaccine is 100% safe.

Centner’s statement to NBC and the letter she sent to parents also said, “When it comes to human health, it’s very personal.  This injection is still classified as an experimental drug.  It is not scheduled for FDA approval until at least 2023.  We know not everyone agrees on this topic, but this is our philosophy at Centner Academy, one in which many of our teachers and parents share.”

The letter concluded, “At Centner Academy, we are teaching children how to navigate change and become emotional ninjas while keeping them healthy and safe physically, mentally, and emotionally.”

Just a week after barring teachers from getting the vaccine, a fifth-grade math and science teacher at the school warned his students that they should not hug parents who had been vaccinated against the coronavirus for more than five seconds because they might be exposed to “harmful vaccine shedding.”

Have you taken the vaccine? What do you think of anti-vax sentiment regarding the COVID-19 vaccine? Could there be any validity to Leila Centner’s concerns? Please reply using the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Miami Private Schools Warns Teacher and Students NOT to Get COVID Vaccine!

  1. Obviously Centner Academy is propagating anti-coronavirus vaccine conspiracy theories! One wonders what is in their curriculum that would educate students not to venture beyond the Pillars of Hercules to avoid falling off the edge of the world!

  2. The academy is not promoting conspiracy theories: they’re worried that the vaccine shots are still in experimental design. In Africa there were experimental design shots used on some men against std and ended being sterile. Scientists are practicing: on the human race as they have done for years to monkeys, gerbil,mice,rats. If you read the fine print they’re not liable if you willing take their poison. Why if the government officials have the vaccine and fauci did also: why are they are 6 feet apart,double mask, fist bump, : why because they don’t know enough on the road to inoculation: if this shot will survive in the body: for as of yet not enough guinea pigs have been proven to be 100% cured.

  3. I’m not a scientist not an expert I can only use my logic and common sense when making a decision about getting the vaccine. I’ve always been a bit cynical and a little less trusting than most. Given that this is the for of its kind ,RNA vaccine, I have chosen to wait for actual FDA approval if I choose to get the vaccine at all. I don’t discourage others to do what they see fit to do just as I don’t point fingers at anyone of they have caught or transmitted the illness. It’s a slippery slope when people start playing the blame game. With the unlikely hood of actually dying from the disease itself and the daily new information that comes out about the vaccine it just doesn’t seem prudent for me. I live alone and I rarely go into crowded indoor spaces. Long before social distancing was even considered I’ve had a large personal space and washed my hands more than most. I don’t share food or beverages I don’t smoke with others and prefer outdoor venues for most everything. Simply put I don’t like getting sick. Which is why I don’t get a flu shot. Tried once and got very sick. So my experience tells me to hang on for awhile. I don’t travel and could care less if I enter a federal building. I’m disabled so my job can’t force me to take it like they did with the flu shot. I guess my biggest concern is once anything becomes politicized I tend to disbelieve most of what’s said from either side. Politics is a dirty game and we all know both sides use vitriolic hyperbole to garner support. In other words politicians lie through their teeth. They do it often and more than likely more than they tell the truth. Politics is about power and power is about money. When we the taxpayers paid for the research and development of the vaccines the manufacturers should be sharing that information with all pharmaceutical companies bit instead they used our money and patented the vaccines. This means countries like England Germany France who pay much less than countries like South Africa who paybad much as three times more per dose are not getting the vaccine nearly as quickly. Thus added to the fact that Isreal was threatened with no further shipments of vaccine because they hadn’t fully paid for the first shipment cause me to logically believe this is more about profit than global herd immunity. I find it less than amusing when koolaid drinking liberals contradict themselves and completely lose logical thought for party line politics. My body my choice when talking about abortion at any age.but we all must submit to a vaccine that our own federal government has yet deem safe. People just don’t seem to understand this vaccine was fast tracked in the name of reopening businesses. This article states its not set for approval until 2023 which in itself is faster than most medicines reach the market. Every day we see lawyers advertising on television about lawsuits against manufacturers drugs that went through the FDA’s approval process only to find ten years later it kills people. How can anyone trust in that process when they take the time to think through it logically? It’s often said by people “I follow the science”, yet these factors don’t seem to matter to them. So in the end you as an individual should take the time to think it through and then choose for yourself what’s right for you. I’m an old Missouri manager we believe in, Show Me, because Missouri is the Show Me State. Those who insist that others must accept an unknown long term affect vaccine shouldn’t be concerned about my decision simply because they have taken this vaccine. If the vaccine is such a great way to not get covid then why do they care if I do? They are presumably protected right? So why the insistence on others falling in line? Doesn’t make any sense. If something doesn’t make sense it probably isn’t true. I’m not whistling past the graveyard as I know the disease is real and many have suffered and even died but for over a year just using common sense I’ve avoided this disease. In the end I may still choose to accept the vaccine and I may not but I will never be cajoled or forced into a decision my logic tells me not to make. My body my choice. Deal with it

  4. I cannot take the vaccine due to other medical conditions. I have been advised by my doctors this is a very dangerous thing for me to do. that said, I dont trust anything that will alter your Mrna. sorry folks, you are welcome to mine. I will continue to use common sense, and avoid crowds. it is not worth being paralyzed permanently just to say I’m vaccinated. they dont know what the long term effects are, and who knows, down the road fema may need those plastic coffins you see them stockpiling. they are preparing for a mass casualty event. I dont want to participate in that.

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