Another Biden Flub Feast During Gun Violence Speech

Another Biden Flub Feast During Gun Violence Speech

It was another confusing festival of gaffes, goofs, and utter confusion as President Biden prattled incoherently during his recent address on gun violence in America.

The topic was one of utmost importance when Biden spoke on Wednesday, June 23 – the rise of crime and gun violence over the past few months. But you wouldn’t know it from the way the President spoke. He slurred his words. At one point, he referred to the  ATF as the “the AFT.” He went on some kind of confusing diatribe talking about the history of the Second Amendment and “the blood of patriots” before concluding that someone would need nuclear weapons to take down the government. If you weren’t confused, you were horrified.

Biden was obviously tired, speaking in a monotone that was low energy even for “sleepy Joe.” He couldn’t pronounce “cognitive” and several other words.

The media would pick apart every appearance of President Trump, saying, even in news stories, that he was “manic,” “exhausted,” or some other adjective. Yet a protective circle has formed around Biden, preventing them from stating the obvious – Joe Biden, 78, looked deranged, demented, or both.

Maybe Biden, 78,  was having an off day. But he’s had a number of them. And his team keeps hustling him off stage as the media shouts after him, making you wonder why they keep preventing him from answering questions.

Remember it was Biden himself who in 2018 said, “I am a gaffe machine.” Throughout his nearly 50 years in public life, now President Biden has had a habit of letting his glib tongue run ahead of his brain. Often sounding like Yogi Berra, Biden once infamously said, “Even if we do everything right, if we do it with absolute 100% certainty, there’s still a 30% chance we’re going to get it wrong.” Probably one of his worst blunders came in 2008 when during a campaign rally in Missouri, Biden asked the audience to applaud State Senator Chuck Graham, saying, “Stand up, Chuck, let ’em see you,” Biden said, gesturing for Graham to stand. Graham, a paraplegic following a car accident, is confined to a wheelchair.

Biden may have gotten a big promotion on Jan. 20, but he proved early on in his term and continuously that he is still the same old gaffe-prone politician.

Ultimately, the American people will decide if the President has the energy or sharpness to lead us. But the mainstream media has got to stop protecting him and stop acting like we’re not allowed to mention it – like something out of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

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5 thoughts on “Another Biden Flub Feast During Gun Violence Speech

  1. This is the epitome of the Democrat Party’s cruelty, making Biden the laughingstock of the world! Can his family really truly be happy with this??? If so, am glad they are not MY family!!!

    1. We must ensure that as the world looks at biden and even the U.S. as the laughingstock of the world, that the world knows that it is America’s mainstream media and the goofs who work for the mainstream media that are the laughingstock of the world.
      It is democrat bureaucrat politicians who are the laughingstock of the world.
      It is America’s indoctrinated woke youth who are the laughingstock of the world.
      It is blm and antifa who are the laughingstock of the world.
      It is greedy gutless white corporate CEO’s who are the laughingstock of the world.
      It is gutless, woke, suck up so called military generals and admirals, who only care about their next promotion, who are the laughingstock of the world.
      It is gutless, woke taxpayer funded public school boards who are the laughingstock of the world..
      It is public school teachers and university instructors indoctrinating instead of educating who are the laughingstock of the world.
      More and more foreign countries are starting to see it. More and more countries are amazed how 14% of the U.S. population could have accomplished this.

  2. I wish the DUMPACRAPS NEVER win another election……………….They are the “DUMB ASSES” of the world !

  3. The hundreds of millions of firearms… of all calibers… that are hidden away in forgetful reserve……many forgotten about by their owners…….until you totalitarian dictatorial “there’s a need for gun control” idiots……place your bets and gamble on you thinking that you’ll win the “there’s a need for gun control” bullshit statement………you need to reel in your reality regimens, and realize that we……out here….are armed to the f—–g teeth, and can cause an uprising once you come for our weapons, that the VC would acclaim better than theirs during the Vietnam War.

    Go ahead…..liberal (fascistic) crotch eaters…a civil war that will consume you and spit you out to deserved torture and death will follow. Pfok….yew……….

  4. First Eric “Fang Fang” Swalwell threatened to nuke American citizens for not complying with gun confiscation and now Biden does it. Guess they want to feel again how it is to vaporize a couple of towns like Truman did. Of course he only did it to an enemy country who attacked us while discussing peace. Somehow neither of them realizes that even though we have enough nukes to destroy the world many times over, we still lost the war in Vietnam. We still did not manage to win in Afghanistan. Where were all those nukes to keep Russia from annexing the Crimea? Where are all those nukes to make Russia stop attacking the Ukraine? Why won’t Biden use the nukes to enforce peace between Red China and India?

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