Coffee: A Survival Solution

Coffee: A Survival Solution

  12 Jun 2021   ,

People are addicted to coffee. How addicted? Four out of five Americans drink coffee and the average drinker finishes at least two cups a day. So because of this, you will most likely find that the majority of homes have coffee.

If a long-term disaster would strike, most people would probably disregard the left over coffee and filters (besides the people who would have an IV on coffee attached to their veins if they could.) Not everyone knows that survival uses of coffee and the filters and this could work in your advantage.

So without further ado, here are nine uses for both coffee and its filters.

  1. Disposable bowl: coffee filters are an alternative for a bowl. They are more flimsy and only work for dry foods, but they are still a great option.
  2. Food wrapper: coffee filters are a solid replacement for Ziploc bags, aluminum foil and plastic wrap, these may be hard to come by. Filters will help to protect your food from the elements.
  3. Toilet paper: It is way better to use a coffee filter than a green leaf you are unsure of, especially since traditional toilet paper may not be available.
  4. Fire tinder: every survivalist knows that without fire, the chances of staying alive diminishes. A grease-soaked coffee filter will work wonders as tinder when trying to start a fire.
  5. Paper: filter works well as paper you can write on. Be careful about getting it wet, though.
  6. Medical bandage: things may get desperate. Maybe you lose your first-aid survival kit or it gets stolen. Luckily, filters work as a makeshift bandage.
  7. Fertilizer: coffee grounds are great for your garden, they boost compost and increase acidity. Not to mention, bugs hate coffee grounds making it also a pest repellent.
  8. Ice melter: If you throw from coffee grounds on some icy steps, the ice will melt faster, while also giving you some traction.
  9. Dish cleaner: When you run out of dish soap, guess what works as an alternative? Coffee grounds! They are perfect for scrubbing grime on dishes.