Not So Obvious Diet Pitfalls

Not So Obvious Diet Pitfalls

If you are dieting, it doesn’t take a certified nutritionist to know certain foods to avoid, like Big Macs and deep fried chicken wings!

But sometimes there are foods that are not so obvious no-no’s. Here are 6 surprising foods that can derail your diet!


Most of us are quick to reach for a cup of coffee if we need a quick pick-me-up or energy hit. But that boost is short lived, which may prompt you to turn to a candy bar, or other unhealthy jolt of energy. In addition, most people have coffee with high-fat creamer and sugary sweeteners. It has been estimated that drinking coffee could be adding as much as 15,000 calories to your diet a month!

Diet Soft Drink

Many people pick a diet soft drink thinking it will be a healthier option compared to regular soft drinks. But, studies have shown that diet drinks can actually stop you from losing weight – and will leave you feeling tired and lethargic.

Gummy Treats

Who doesn’t love reaching for those cute and sweet gummy bears when in the mood for an afternoon treat? They are so small and tiny, that can’t really be that bad for you, right? WRONG! Did you realize that each gummy bear contains about a teaspoon of sugar? And come on who really stops at one? Once you start, it’s virtually impossible to stop eating them, which means you can consume 100s of grams of sugar in a single setting.

Energy Drinks

Many people believe energy drinks are the way to go when you need a pick-me-up – but think again. With 30-45g or six to nine teaspoons of sugar per bottle along with various vitamins and stimulants not only are these drinks packed full of empty calories but any energy hit is likely to only be of benefit for 30-60 minutes.


Bagels may look pretty innocent, but nutritionally there are not many positives. Bagels are packed full of refined carbs giving them a high glycemic index. A standard bagel can contain as many carbs as four slices of bread! And that is before your schmear on the cream cheese, or any number of other high fat or high sugar toppings.

Ramen Noodles

It may only take a few minutes to zap up in the microwave, but, the impact they have on your waistline may last a lifetime. Not only do ramen noodles contain as much processed carbohydrate as four to six slices of bread but if you use the enclosed “flavor” packet, you are adding over 600mg of MSG, and also your entire daily upper limit of salt. The effect of this is significant fluid retention leading to bloating, discomfort and fatigue an hour or two after consumption.