Top 10 Weird Father’s Day Gifts!

Top 10 Weird Father’s Day Gifts!

  11 Jun 2021   ,

Forget the typical ties, socks, or underwear. If your dad is a “little out there” (and who’s isn’t?), here is a look at 10 Weird Father’s Days gifts that are bound to tickle his fancy!

1. Cookies With Dad’s Face On Them

Sure, homemade cookies can be a sweet gift for Dad. But in the big picture, it’s obvious that baked treats are even better with Pop’s (or your!) face on them. They can be had here.

2. Venison Whiskey

Is your dad a hunter and a drinker? Since those are two activities that really should not be practiced together, give your dad the best of both worlds with whiskey flavored with chopped-up venison. 

3. Pool Punisher

You Dad can defend his pool time and be the pride of the neighborhood with the pool punisher, an inflatable float that includes a hose that blasts water up to 50 feet, the integrity of your dad’s pool area is assured.

4. Poop Notebook

Come on, how often have you wondered, “what the hell is he doing in there?” Most Dad’s know that people come up with their best ideas sitting on the porcelain throne, only to forget them because pens don’t write on flimsy toilet paper. This Brilliant Ideas I had while pooping notebook will ensure humanity will benefit from the wisdom your dad gleans while answering nature’s call.

5. Season’s “Meatings”

Show your dad you mean to send him the very best with your personalized Father’s Day greeting on a piece of custom beef jerky! The Meat Card is 100% tasty and edible.

6. Evidence Brand Marijuana

Cannabis is pretty much legal in many states these days. But if your dad is nostalgic for when pot was criminal, the Evidence brand of marijuana is for him. It comes in what looks like an actual evidence bag to remind him of the … good old days??

7. Hiccaway

How many Father’s Day parties have been ruined because Dad got a bad case of hiccups? Maybe not too many, but just in case, if there was a risk, you could minimize it with the Hiccaway, a straw designed to minimize involuntary spasms of the diaphragm.

8. Round Hot Dogs

Ever really want a hot dog, but hamburger buns were on special at BJs, and you’ve got enough till next Memorial Day 2024? This product solves that by making frankfurters into round patties rather than tubes. Imagine the joy on Dad’s face when he asks, “Is this natural?”

9. Cacamamie: The Game Of Poop

Dad’s, Dad jokes, and poop just seem to all go hand-hand-hand, so here is our second poop-related gift to make the list. There could be crappier ways to spend Father’s Day than playing Cacamamie, a poop-oriented product that calls itself “the No. 2 game in America.”

10. Golden Girls In Space Lounge Jammeralls

Now, at first glance, these may seem weird on so many levels. But when you think about it, PJs are cool. Overalls are cool. Outer space is cool, too. And so are the Golden Girls. But until now, these four cool things haven’t really aligned. These Golden Girls In Space Lounge Jammeralls will have your dad singing, “Thank you for being an offspring.”