What Does Trump Really Think About Him Being Reinstated?

What Does Trump Really Think About Him Being Reinstated?

Does Donald Trump really think he has a chance of being reinstated as President? His inner circle says, “yes,” “no,” and “maybe.”

Late last week, a new report in the National Review, longtime voice of the mainstream conservative movement, confirmed much of what we’d heard from previous Twitter “reporting” by Maggie Haberman of the New York Times, that Donald Trump apparently believes that come August, he will be “reinstated” as commander in chief.

Haberman was the first to break the supposed news, tweeting that “Trump has been telling several people he’s in contact with that he expects he will be reinstated by August.”

In a recent article titled, “Maggie Haberman is right,” National Review reporter and columnist Charles Cooke apparently confirmed Trump’s thinking. While Cooke, addressing a largely conservative audience, appears convinced that Trump believes the seemingly absurd August hypothesis — which apparently originated with “My Pillow Guy,” Mike Lindell — how much does he or Haberman really know about what the ex-president is thinking?

Many in the GOP remains divided and undecided on that issue. The Daily Beast reported that Lindell believes he is behind the idea that is now planted inside Trump’s head. “If Trump is saying August, that is probably because he heard me say it publicly,” Lindell told Daily Beast reporters Will Sommer and Asawin Suebsaeng.

“Nobody’s more MAGA or PRO TRUMP than I am, and this “TRUMP thinks he’s gonna be president in August” is BS. No one thinks this. It’s Hysterical Democrats running around trying to come up with a New Pretext to cancel Trump supporters,” said Newsmax TV host Greg Kelly.

On Thursday evening, Jenna Ellis, who was one of Trump’s many legal advisers during his attempt to reverse his election defeat, appeared frustrated over Lindell’s claims. “Mike Lindell should go back to law school … for the first time,” Ellis tweeted.

Cooke wrote regarding Trump’s apparent belief in Lindell’s claims, “The scale of Trump’s delusion is quite startling. This is not merely an eccentric interpretation of the facts or an interesting foible, nor is it an irrelevant example of anguished post-presidency chatter. It is a rejection of reality, a rejection of law, and, ultimately, a rejection of the entire system of American government.”

However, during a June 4 morning interview on the right-wing cable network Newsmax, Trump adviser Jason Miller claimed that the stories about Trump believing in a magical August reinstatement are “simply not true.” So there!

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4 thoughts on “What Does Trump Really Think About Him Being Reinstated?

  1. After 8 years of leadership by the biggest pathological lying “sneaky” Obama, his ability to criminalize federal agencies with fifth column leftest like Lenin did. No indictments in IRS scandal, Benghazi scam, Fast and Furious with Holder in contempt, Clinton and Lois Leaner emails disappear, then the final biggest crime of all the first planned coup on Trump using false claims FISA court applications, a phony dossier, and following up with four years of endless investigations we paid For on Trump. After the rigged elections we were denied any type of federal investigation or Supreme Court hearing by our leftest masters. Look 80% of people know we get only one party propaganda news from 98% of all information sources like in other dictatorships.

  2. When it is proven that there was massive election fraud perpetrated on the legally voting US citizens in the 2020 election, Biden should be removed from office and he and his multitude of conspirators jailed for life (necktie parties would be most appropriate) and Trump given his due place in the WH. How long will this take though and how long of a term will he have? At the current rate of progress and the to be expected rash of Dem lawsuits, Biden will be out and someone else elected. We are facing a rotten kettle of fish for years to come.
    Every single American citizen who cast a legal vote in the 2020 election was disenfranchised.

  3. The hidden powers that truly make policy and create narratives will never be brought to the forefront. They are completely insulted with multiple layers of fall guys and scapegoats. Fauci will be the first if not only to fall. Even when a whistle-blower has the guts to speak the truth we don’t hear about it and if we do they are shut down immediately. From Biden on down we have been fed a series of lies and conspiracies. Trump was not one of their cronies and he had to be removed. He was a maverick and the real moneyed interests could not reign him in. His policies were working for America but not the powers behind the power. They tried everything short of trying to kill him and nothing worked. Obama and now Biden were and are so in bed with China that they chose to unleash a virus on the entire planet just to rid themselves of Trump. It’s almost unthinkable that a president of the United States could be banned from social media for life because they claim he incited violence while the likes of Maxine Waters continue to incite violence with no repercussions. Wake up folks we are being played and its not that difficult to see through it all. Unfortunately we will never be told the truth and apparently no news organization is willing to do any true journalism. We will get more of the same. Patsies scapegoats denials lies and those who are truly responsible will maintain power. A country based on these types of lies cam never stand. As long as we sit back and rely only on our votes we will continue the same path. The people who once exposed the lies during Vietnam are now using the same tactics to push their Marxist ideologies not because they are communists but because communism will silence their detractors in order to further their globalist agenda.

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