Are These Stories Proof of Reincarnation?

  27 Jun 2019

Have you ever had the feeling that you were experiencing something you had before, or have visited a place you know was for the first time, and yet, had this eerie sensation that things looked oddly familiar? There are many both metaphysical and more scientific rationales for such feelings of “Deja vu,” however, one of the most common ones is that you are experiencing something from a past life.

Reincarnation, the idea that our souls can and do live through many lifetimes over the centuries has been part of virtually every culture since ancient times. The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Aztecs all believed in the “transmigration of souls” from one body to another after death. Reincarnation is also a fundamental concept of Hinduism.

Although it is not a part of official Judeo-Christian doctrine, many Jews and Christians also believe in reincarnation or at least accept its possibility.

But is reincarnation just an idea, or is there real evidence to support it? Many researchers have tackled this question—and their results are surprising. But first, let’s take a look at some stories that cannot seem to be explained any other way than to be true cases of reincarnation.

Compelling Stories of Reincarnation

Most past life recollections can be easily dismissed with rational explanations. However, there are those few, such as those that follow, that are so rich with haunting details that, they will even have the staunchest skeptics wondering, “Could reincarnation be real?”

Four-Year-Old Recalls Life as Hollywood Agent

In 2009, at the age of four, Ryan Hammons began waking up, clutching his chest, and screaming about how his heart exploded in Hollywood. His mother, Cyndi, became intrigued when Ryan revealed more details from a former life. He insisted his name was “Martin” and that he once lived in a house in Hollywood on a street with the name “Rock” in it where he had three sons and a friend named “Senator Fives.”

One day, Cyndi was going through a book featuring photos from old Hollywood. Ryan peeked over her shoulder and excitedly identified one man as George and another as himself. Cyndi contacted a psychiatrist from UVA Medical Center who conducts research on reincarnation. The psychiatrist verified the man in the photo was a film star named George Raft and the other man was Martin Martyn, who died in 1964. Upon contacting Martyn’s daughter, she confirmed Martyn was a Hollywood agent, lived on North Roxbury Drive, had three sons, and once met with New York Senator Irving Ives.

Adult Female Fire Victim Comes Back as 5-Year-Old Boy

At first, Erica Ruehlman laughed off her five-year-old son Luke’s odd tendency to call toys and objects “Pam.” She was also unconcerned by his comments about having once been a girl. He would say he had black hair when he was a girl, or that he wore the same earrings as his mom when he was a girl. Out of curiosity, Erica eventually asked Luke who Pam was.

“I was,” he said, “Well, I used to be, but I died and I went up to heaven. I saw God and then, eventually, God pushed me back down and when I woke up I was a baby and you named me Luke.”

After pressing him for more details, Luke told his mother he lived in Chicago, took the train a lot, and died in a fire. After mentioning his death, Luke made a hand motion indicating someone jumping out a window. When Erica punched the information into a search engine, she discovered a news story about a fire in the Paxton Hotel in Chicago. In March of 1993, 19 people died in a fire at the building and a woman, Pam Robinson, perished when she jumped out a window.

A Grandfather Gets Reincarnated as His Own Grandson

University of Virginia psychiatrist Jim Tucker, who studies reincarnation professionally, met a boy identified as Sam who he believes to be the reincarnation of his own grandfather. Until he was four years old, Sam had never seen a picture of his grandfather. After his grandmother’s passing, his parents brought out an old photo album. Upon seeing his grandfather’s car, he exclaimed, “That’s my car!”

It would be easy to attribute this to an overactive imagination. This is what Sam’s Baptist mother did at first, as her religion does not believe in reincarnation. However, she became a believer after she asked Sam if he remembered anything else from his past life. He said his sister had been “turned into a fish” by bad men.

Sam’s mother was astounded. His grandfather’s sister had been murdered and her body was dumped in a river. Due to the frightening nature of the story, Sam’s parents never told him about his great aunt’s murder.

Other Evidence of Reincarnation

Besides dozens of other eerily persuasive stories such as those above, there have been other compelling evidence for the existence of reincarnation.

One of the most often used “scientific tools” is to use hypnosis for “past life regressions.” Using such techniques people have recounted stunning details of prior lives. However, the process is controversial, because the very nature of hypnosis puts the subject into a very suggestive state, and could cause what skeptics refer to as “false memory syndrome,” where the practitioner actually implants those memories of prior lives into the subject’s subconscious.

Then there have been those people who have suffered from chronic pain that can be traced to no current disease or injury. Some researchers suggest this is “phantom pain,” (such as when an amputee can still feel pain in an amputated limb) from injuries that occurred in past lives. In his book, “Have We Really Lived Before?,” Dr. Michael C. Pollack describes his lower back pain, which grew steadily worse over the years and limited his activities. He believes he found a possible explanation for the pain during a series of past life therapy sessions, “I discovered that I had lived at least three prior lifetimes in which I had been killed by being knifed or speared in the low back. After processing and healing the past life experiences, my back began to heal.”

There are other researches that suggest that phobias and nightmares, which are described as “irrational fears,” that have no relation to current experience, are victim’s reliving traumatic events from past lives.

And finally, there have been instances of supposed reincarnated individuals that bore striking resemblances to their “former selves” and some that even possessed similar scars, injuries, and birth defects.

But could any of these cases be verified?

In one bizarrely fascinating case, an Indian boy claimed to remember the life of a man named Maha Ram, who was killed by a shotgun fired at close range. The boy had an array of birthmarks in the center of his chest that looked like they might correspond to a shotgun blast.

So the story was investigated. Indeed, there was a man named Maha Ram who was killed by a shotgun blast to the chest. An autopsy report recorded the man’s chest wounds, which corresponded “dot-for-dot” directly with the boy’s birthmarks.

0 thoughts on “Are These Stories Proof of Reincarnation?

  1. Years ago,I used to hypnotize people, and used age regression as a format. EVERYONE…EVERYONE described one or more past lives.

  2. Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) was a southern Baptist who began, involuntarily, seeing past lives of himself and others while in trance. There are volumes of his “readings” cataloged at the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach.

  3. far more likely than reincarnation, is the acquisition by a suggestible, still imperfectly neurologically formed being (infant preborn or born, or older) of the memories of another person, later thought to be their own memories, from a spirit, or a charged object or location, or the telepathy of reincarnation believing parents or others.

    The idea of radical distinction between body and soul instead of the body being the more solid part of the soul, is from pagan philosophy which rejected the good ness of material physical creation, and this notion was a feature of gnosticism, a heretical form of Christianity heavily shaped by pagan philosophy.

    IF in fact the soul is the life of the body and the body is the hide of the soul so to speak, then there can be no reincarnartion, just possession, memory acquisition or cowalking or something like that.

  4. Totally believe these stories. I have made 19 trips to India….studied with a Holy Man and
    embrace many aspects of Hinduism – one of which is reincarnation. How is a soul to work
    out the many flaws and become a “perfect” man/soul in ONE lifetime????? “In my Father’s
    house are many mansions.” Who really knows anything????? Open mind-open heart!

  5. “It is appointed unto man one to die and after that the judgment.” When you base you theories of mans sporadic experiences by opinions or feelings of premonitions, expect it to fade away like a vapor.

    Rejection of God’s accountability for truth and righteousness judgment of law and order with His mercy for the fable stores of reincarnation is to revoke every court system in the world as a hoax and utterly useless.

  6. I had past life regression in Dianetics. One session revealed a door at the bottom of Mt. Rushmore. I tried to prove it but no luck. That was over 15 years ago. Recently I read where there is a door at the bottom of Mt. Rushmore and there is a room there just as I saw it!
    One other regression revealed a chamber underneath the Sphinx and it was used to prepare those for the pyramid experience. My auditor was a museum director and said they just found an underground chamber beneath the Sphinx!
    Coincidence or not? I used to think that dead people’s souls had a brain wave that someone alive today matches and the person alive today was seeing/experiencing the dead person’s life. Now I’m not so sure.

  7. Reincarnation is the missing link to the purpose of life on earth, the connection between the soul to the body, and the spirit to the soul. From personal experience do not waste your energy trying to convince those who despite irrefutable proofs still will not believe in reincarnation. The simple reason for that is their inner abilities are dormant and undeveloped, they live their lives exclusively through the means of their frontal brains and they are unable to understand events which are beyond space and time. The intuitive perception is an ability innate to every human spirit. The more developed it is the more understanding you have for spiritual events. Science itself is very limited because it ignores to make use of this spiritual tool in man to connect the dots of the mysteries in nature. The frontal brain which is the seat of the intellect can only understand things of physical nature. Our masterpieces are yet to come till we release from within use the higher inner tool that is the intuition. So for those on this forum who are most interested in knowing more about reincarnation and purpose of life on earth, I will recommend a few literature as a start. Google for the PDFs of “Gone West: Three Narratives of After-Death Experiences” by JSM Ward and “A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands” by Franchezzo. These two books are just for a start. If you want to know more feel free to mail me at Awake and take charge of your own life! Good luck to the genuine seeker!

  8. A resounding “YES”.

    I received my BS degree in Psychology, and ventured into ESP. This led me to the concept of reincarnation and the SETH series by Jane Roberts. Then my mother’s bout with liver problems led me back to Mrs. Roberts of whom I asked her and SETH to help my mother. She said she would and also recommended
    that I seek out Silva Mind Control out of San Antonio, TX , which I did. My mother came out surgery
    “unscathed”, to the doctor’s amazement.

    It took almost ten years for my mother to open up about the experience she witnessed during her operation. She had an OOB (0ut-of-body) experience. She was afraid that everyone would think her to be crazy’ I also found out her biggest fear was DEATH. I told her read Dr. Raymond Moody’s book, “Life After Life”. She dropped her fear and embraced life until her passing in ’95.

    She recalled her previous life during the siege of Masada by the Romans.and describe it in vivid detail.

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