The Globalist Plan for Your Free Speech

  08 Nov 2020

Europol, the European Union’s police agency, carried out widespread, coordinated anti-free speech raids across seven countries earlier this week as a part of what it claimed to be a clampdown on online “hatred and incitement to violence”.

German prosecutors and the EU law enforcement agency said on Tuesday that 96 suspects are being investigating for alleged “hateful” online posts. During the raids, police searched 83 buildings in Germany and seized individual’s private property, including laptops and mobile phones.

The United Kingdom, France, Norway, Italy, and the Czech Republic also took part in the anti-free speech raids under the direction of the European Union’s law enforcement agency.

A spokesman for Europol told Reuters News Agency that Tuesday’s raids focused on online posts that promote xenophobia and racism. The raids come at a time when Europe is dealing with a wave of Islamic terror attacks in countries like France and Austria — which police failed to prevent — along with rising crime in many European countries such as Sweden, Denmark, and once again, France

According to a German prosecutor in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate, one of the suspects under investigation had insulted a female politician online while another allegedly made anti-Semitic comments.

Among countries throughout the western world, Germany, without a doubt, has by far the most draconian anti-free speech laws. The German government regularly hands out prison sentences to those who are alleged to have “incited hatred against minorities” or who have denied the Holocaust. At the same time, foreigners convicted of brutal sex crimes are regularly handed light sentences.

In 2017, German lawmakers introduced the Network Enforcement Act, which ended up being adopted the same year and was enacted into law in early 2018, the American news publication Foreign Policy reports. The law allows the German government to fine social media networks with over two million users up to €500,000 for each day the platform fails to delete a story deemed to be false news. Facebook relies on a variety fact-checking organizations to determine whether news is true, with many of them funded by progressive billionaire George Soros. 

Many have asserted that Berlin’s anti-free speech law is nothing less than reproduction of similar laws enacted by authoritarian regimes like Russia and Venezuela to stifle free speech and debate.

A 2019 survey carried out by the Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach revealed that just 18 percent of Germans feel free to express their views in public.

15 thoughts on “The Globalist Plan for Your Free Speech

  1. Socialism and Censorship is here, alive and doing well…that means that EVIL IS HERE TO STAY…who do we look to to fight this all permeating evil? I will not stop praying to Almighty God to send help to this planet Earth, we humans are in serious trouble.

  2. Welcome to Communism 101. Welcome to world takeover of all human beings. We are all allowing it to happen. I wonder why?

    1. Wait, what about the anti free speech administration we have lived with for the last 4 years? Every time you get administration encountered a fact it didn’t like it screamed “fake” or “phony.” Speaking of communism, does the word “Pravda” ring any bells? Think about that and reconsider “alternate facts” (KA Conway) and my personal favorite, ‘truth isn’t truth” (Rudy G)
      Orwell would probably sue to see himself used in this way. The Trump administration used the tool of an aggressive spread and maintenance of the “party’ narrative,as a way of manipulating their image. Exactly wat Orwell was warning us about.

  3. I wonder what has happened to the ACLU since that courageous defense of an ultra right organization in the Chicago area where they they said “ we completely disagree with what you are saying but we will defend your right to say it “.

  4. Well at least there’s still no law against committing suicide, as far as I know! That’s at least something,
    isn’t it!

    I was unfortunately born in Stockholm, Sweden, and recently there was an article in the newspaper about an elderly woman in her 80`s in a wheel chair harassed by a gang of ”youths” (muslim economic migrants) ! The Court in Stockholm aquitted these ”youths” on the grounds that the disabled woman did not try to flee or run away from them! That’s the kind of third rate banana republic Sweden has become today thanks to the Social Democrats, who runs the country today.
    And it seems to me like it’s the same bs everywhere you go to nowadays, USA, Canada under Trudeau,
    Australia, and of course everywhere in Western Europe!

    Darkness is apparently descending across the Western World. I’m so glad that I haven’t brought any
    children of my own into this f-ed up planet!

  5. Hey, where was my comment? Who is in charge of rejecting a comment that states that we need to PRAY to Almighty God…is this not a Patriot site…I’d like a reply!!!!!

  6. It’s time we all stand up for the Truth and feel free to speak it. What is happening is a slippery slope that can lead to elimination of ones rights including Free Speech.

    We don’t have to always agree with what the other person says , but we should always have the Right to Agree to Disagree without being slandered , abused or harassed for doing do.

    True Freedom is being able to speak your mind and and not be fearful of doing so.

    Mike Lenahan

  7. Guess you are censoring anything you don’t like!!! Obvious to me you did not post something important that I had written, there are Americans who are hurting who are not DRUNK on Champagne while toasting Biden and Harris, have you no compassion?

  8. If Biden/Harris aren’t stopped from stealing this election you can bet Joe and the Ho will sign up America for this, we must defend our republic!

  9. That is the direction theU.S. Is facing. If Biden wins maybe armagaden will occur? But he’ll will be filled with democrats who believe they are more popular than God

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