Avoiding Hygiene Risks in a Survival Situation

Avoiding Hygiene Risks in a Survival Situation

  30 Jan 2021  

Disaster strikes and you are isolated. Isolated from medical, food, and other life-necessary resources – what are you going to do? Hurricane, tsunami, flood, earthquake, and other natural disasters can leave you, your family and your friends stranded and cut off.  In the aftermath of disaster, maintaining hygiene is of critical importance to avoid infection.  Unsanitary food preparation and water storage, and of course un-hygienic defecation, all lead to potentially fatal infections.

Enduring such life-threatening events requires you to maintain hygiene to avoid infection and potential loss of life. All survival kits should allow you to feel at ease while relieving yourself.  So, including a portable toilet is a top priority.  Make sure the one you choose can handle the needs of those who will be with you!  And if you find yourself in a crisis without one, look for a bucket.

Do not forget toiletry supplies to keep commode use sanitary. Hand sanitizer should be used generously (before and after), toilet paper is a must, and sanitary wipes keep users clean.  Also include plastic gloves and biodegradable bags for waste disposal, as well as toilet cleaner and paper towels to disinfect.

Several of the disinfectant supplies above can also be used in the kitchen to keep food preparation safe and free of contamination.  Food preparation results in what can turn into a serious problem – garbage.  Sanitary garbage disposal is vital, so garbage bags are a must in your survival kit. 

Over time bags accumulate, both garbage and waste.  When the garbage trucks are not running, a shovel is the next best option.  If neither of these options work, the next option is to burn it.  So, include a waterproof lighter in your kit (you will find numerous other uses too).

Hygiene is not the first survival topic most think of, but it is of crucial importance to everyone’s health.  Injury is another risk, so preparing an emergency medical kit is another important step.  Although a power generator makes your environment comfy, maintaining hygiene should be your primary concern.