Biden’s Turnabout on Promises

Biden’s Turnabout on Promises

During his presidential campaign Biden made several promises to both parties, promising unity in legislation. This all sounded good, until it became apparent that Biden would not uphold the pledges he made to the American public. And this flip-flop comes less than a month from his inauguration.

Do you remember Biden promising to make lives more ‘livable’ by raising the minimum wage?  He assured blue collar workers that the minimum, currently $7.25 dollars, would be raised to $15. 

“To have it this close on the doorstep, they need to get it done. They need to feel the pressure,” Terrence Wise, a 41-year-old McDonald’s manager and leader of the organized labor movement Fight for 15 told ABC news.

Biden’s vaunting claim to make life livable was deflated when senators of both parties voted on Friday to put a halt on increasing the minimum wage due to the raging pandemic. “I don’t think it’s going to survive,” said Biden. The U.S. Congressional Budget Office, reported in the New York Post, would elevate 900,000 Americans out of poverty, but make 1.4 million people lose their jobs.

Biden promised to bring the COVID-19 vaccine to every American, a promise he broke the very next day.

“What the president’s goal is, is ensuring that there’s greater availability in the spring, He will push his team. This is his focus every single day. But the fact is, is every American is not going to be eligible this spring,” said White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

This came after Biden’s prediction, “I think it will be this spring. I think we’ll be able to do that this spring. But it’s going to be a logistical challenge that exceeds anything we’ve ever tried in this country. But I think we can do that.”

In the inauguration speech Biden mentioned ‘unity’ eleven times, saying the word almost every two minutes. He promised to unite Americans, but he is doing this by stepping over Republicans to pass the costly coronavirus bill. Instead of extending an open hand for cooperation to reach a bipartisan decision, the Democrat led Congress is preparing to push aside Republicans to pass the legislation.

“First of all, the president ran on unifying the country and putting forward ideas that would help address the crises we’re facing,” Psaki stated. “He didn’t run on a promise to unite the Democratic and Republican Party into one party in Washington.”

44 thoughts on “Biden’s Turnabout on Promises

  1. Empty promises, and all the radical crap they can run in our faces, that’s what you get from this party.

    1. You described Biden to a “T”. He has been a thief and the thief’s latest steal was the 2020 Election. He’s the China Puppet, selling our country to China.

    1. U C things quite clearly! Joe is only a puppet. Kammy will do the negotiating 4 the regime. Even if she reading from a script given 2 her by Nan & Chucky. The script has the seal of approval of the ccp.. Lastly it’s not nice 2 pick on /taunt /make fun of the mentally challenged even if they have not been the best examples of humanity 4 the past 7 plus decades.

  2. All lies and all who voted for Biden believe it, are you happy now. Now that you are going to lose your job, economy is going down, our dollar value abroad getting weak, our gasoline prices going up. Biden is pro illegal aliens and Americans are last on his list. Illegal aliens goes first on his agenda. He is not pro American, instead of solving unemployment and homeless, giving funds to foreign nations by the millions. What is going on, why them not us???

    1. You are so right. Biden needs to be impeached. I should think that more than one Article in the Constitution fits this guy. He’s not fit because he has Dementia, is the first one. How about putting the United States in danger of these open borders letting thousands of murderers and sick people into the United States. We can’t go four years with Biden. If we let him stay in power for four years, we won’t have a secure nation. His whole administration are left wing socialists and we should demand that something be done to oust Biden and his Administration out of power.

  3. Biden has not kept most of the promises he made to America. The few he kept have done irreparable harm to this nation and its citizens. Is the damage he has done so far cause for impeachment? BTW, what happened to the lawsuit filed by Ms. Greene against Biden in which I believe she asked for Biden’s impeachment?

  4. It’s been the biggest bunch of lies in American history. He’s still hiding in his basement. Harris is the actual president when she isn’t on the mall admiring her cracked glass statue. They are getting ready to remove biden so the whore of California can take over. Then she will be removed so the wicked witch of San Francisco can finally play god. An Politicians and tht rest of us stand by and watch it happen like good little communists. What a way to end the greatest country on earth.

  5. Biden is the President of disgruntled Democrat victims who can’t get enough of FREE! BIDEN was a total failure as a legislator and VP, now he’s proving he’s a failure as an alledged President. Failure is his claim of success.

    1. He’s been in politics for over 50 years and has become a billionaire. I didn’t believe he would win the 2020 election. He’s definitely an illegitimate President because the election was stolen whether some people believe it or not. You don’t get crowds as big as what we saw at President Trump’s Rallies and be a loser. Only through cheating did Biden win this election. The GOP Senators and Reps in Congress better start an investigation as to Biden’s fitness. He really shouldn’t be in power for four years. His VP Harris is nothing but a thug and is totally incompetent. The United States is in a mess – a big mess.

      1. The US has been in a mess since he was installed (by Congress) in Jan with jobs cut, with broken promises, with open border, … Sorry to say that this will be an eye opening for those who truly supported Biden / Harris, for those who half halfheartedly supported him because of hate Trump, and for those death people who got up and voted for Biden. Let them see the real face of the bad group of people. It is just too late because the bad group has the Communist agenda in mind.

  6. You can say you disagree with somebody without calling names that’s what Democrats do besides lying

  7. Biden made campaign “promises” he never intended to keep, he’s been a professional politician for nearly half a century, and he knows that a political “promise” is nothing more than words spoken and forgotten…just like an “oath of office”. Besides, as IPOTUS (Imposter President of the United States), he’s not really calling the shots (kind of like the movie “Dave”)…he’s given a script (or a set of note cards) that he uses to pretend he knows what’s going on…ask a real question and you get an ambiguous or confused answer! Find out who’s pulling the strings…then you’ll know where the country is REALLY headed.

  8. Every Republican Governor needs to work on the voting in their states to make sure it is accurate in 2022. Grassroots leaders need to work in the other states to try to get accurate elections. We need, as Americans, to work like crazy to get republicans in congress in 2022. If we sit and make wasted comments about the democrats we accomplish nothing. I believe Lara Trump is running and possibly Trump himself will run. If we can gain control of the house and senate with a true Republican President, whether it is Trump or not, we can get rid of the garbage. We can not give up on our Country. If we can get Republicans in charge, they can fix it. Trump did a lot, imagine what he could with a Republican house and senate.

  9. why don’t we impeach biden and get rid of him, he is not what he was portrayed to be before the elections and he is looking and acting like a demented idiot

  10. Biden has been a habitual liar all the years he’s been a politician. He legitimately didn’t win in 2020, and I personally will not acknowledge him as president of the USA. He is anti American and he’s being used as a puppet with the old Obama administration pulling the strings. Obama hates the USA, that’s why things have turned so dramatically in a months time. We conservatives were warned this would be the outcome, but honestly I didn’t think it would happen this fast. Our only hope is God almighty, for something to happen before we aren’t a country anymore. If you voted for Biden, you will learn the hard way. You will be begging for President Trump’s return. May God bless and watch over all of us!

    1. You are so right. Biden needs to be impeached. I should think that more than one Article in the Constitution fits this guy. He’s not fit because he has Dementia, is the first one. How about putting the United States in danger of these open borders letting thousands of murderers and sick people into the United States. We can’t go four years with Biden. If we let him stay in power for four years, we won’t have a secure nation. His whole administration are left wing socialists and we should demand that something be done to oust Biden and his Administration out of power.

  11. Joe Biden has been in Congress for 50 years, he is known for his lying. He has never kept his promises to the American people. He only enriched himself & all his family on the gravy train he’s on off our government & government contacts’

  12. Biden is going to ruin this country and we’re going to be loaded with illegals who are murderers coming into this country. He and his administration are putting the U.S. in severe danger in the midst of a pandemic by opening the border.

  13. People the US of A is no longer, get over it. America died from the inside, the politicians sold us out. Make plan on how to keep your family safe, and ride out the coming storm. God bless you all.

  14. So many promises so many little lies. How could anyone be surprised. An ineffectual milquetoast. His administration will be remembered in the fashion of Jimmy Carter. The only real difference is Carter believed in what he was trying to do. Biden believes in one thing. MONEY
    He will do anything and sell anyone out to obtain as much as possible. We have a global pandemic because of the evil empire of China and what does Biden do? Jumps right back in bed with them. He cares nothing about freedom America or the people he claims to protect. He cares about Joe Biden. Why anyone would be surprised by his indifference to the American citizens completely eludes me. He can’t destroy this country and he can’t really affect any real change. This means the entire community of so called minorities. He spent fifty years in office and has done absolutely nothing for these people and that’s unlikely to change. The moneyed interests behind the scenes will never allow Biden to interfere with their money. Our largest concern long term is he will definitely pack the Supreme Court and once that’s in place it can never be undone. Biden is a dangerous fool that even his supporters understand to be true. It’s about Trump hating and nothing more. It’s true that we are going to suffer immensely over the next four years but we can take solace in that because it leads down the inevitable road of conservative values. So don’t despair as we’ve seen it all before and in the end common sense will prevail

  15. Since dictator Biden has decided to rule by executive order rather than have Congress involved, I would suggest that all members of Congress be sent home cutting their pay in half since they aren’t doing anything worthwhile. We could then send the National Guard home back to their families and their jobs assuming they still have one. Think of the money that could be saved. Shumer and Pelosi could hire their own body guards if they are that scared. Obama is in his third term now anyway using Biden and Harris as his guinea pigs. The democrats are running rampant with power now.

  16. Psaki stated. “He didn’t run on a promise to unite the Democratic and Republican Party into one party in Washington.” is a very poor rep i would not have her rep my dog she is always contradicting what Biden says.. let me remind her. he said i dont see red states or blue states i see one state the united states if u vote for me i will work just as hard for u if u are republican or demshits. if u vote against me ill work just as hard.. so i guess that dose not mean he will unite blue and red lol sooo joe dose see just one color and it is not red or blue it is green..i did not vote for him now it is time for everyone that voted for him too get what they deserve

  17. Biden probably remembers how working with Republicans to provide the country with a truly great health care system resulted in the GOP representatives/senators demanded all those changes to the AHC Bill gutting it’s potential and then voted against it anyway.
    I am a life-long Republican who is becoming increasingly disgusted with the Party. It seems to have no goals except to oppose anything the Democrats suggest while maintaining an economic system that increases the percentage of the national wealth in the control of the top 5% of the population.
    We are now ranked 19th among countries whose citizens are happy with their government. Do GOP leaders have any idea why? Do any of them have a goal of moving us up the ladder?

  18. Since the tragic death of Dr. King in 1968, Democratic voters have gone back to drinking the Coolade of Democratic politicians solving all their problems, with false promises and using race to stir up anger. 52 years of playing 3-card Monty with con artists. 52 years playing the street corner con and loosing 52 times in a row with Republican politicians standing there watching the game and doing nothing to stop the travesty. Trump comes along to try to change the outcome as best he can against the huge crowd of players and onlookers and gets thrown out in front of traffic. “We The People”, all of us together have to expose the con and solve the problems by refusing the bait, speaking up about the con game, and vote for people who act on what “We The People” need. Honesty, Integrity, Righteousness, Equal treatment, Dignity, Respect, and so much more than the bulls..t coming out of Washington. They are not royalty living in an enclosed castle against us, they were intended to be servants to help us when we needed them. They are not our keepers, they are not our masters, they are not our brothers or sisters, they are not gods. They are people, who we elect, to make this country better. Let’s all base the picks we made AND our future picks one last time based on how they perform in Washington. And if they don’t even try to clear their own swamp, then “We The People” must work by ourselves, together, to make things better and vote them out of this opportunity we give them to make America better day by day, every day.

  19. Biden is president because the Democrats lined up and allowed illegals to vote and now Biden has opened
    the border and they are coming in at 4,000 a day. That will bring over a million into this country in a year.
    These illegals are not being checked for covid or any other diseases. They have also released those that
    were caught and held for return to their respective countries. I am 82 and cannot get the covid vaccine as
    there isn’t any available where I live and my state does not allow me to go out of my county. The democrats
    have royally screwed us and we can all say goodbye to the USA. Hope those of you who voted for Biden
    are happy. Michael is spot on and you should all heed what he says.

  20. We can all move to Mexico or another country and let the damn Democrats wallow in their own misery due to no money coming in. No jobs. No schools. No one works. Immigrants are not trained to do our jobs. The only thing the Dem’s will have is the children and babies for their sex games. They won’t survive after a while, either. Where will they get their tax money? Who will be their slaves? Food will run out. No gas stations, no planes, trains or buses. Those idiots do not think far enough ahead and will be their own demise. I will laugh!

  21. Cannot understand why anyone with any ability to think would want a corrupt, mentally incompetent liar making decisions and in charge of our country.

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