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In a disturbing report coming from the southern border, Border Patrol agents have said they may have to release large numbers of illegals from custody with no obligation to return to court to validate their asylum claims.

The New York Post is reporting that a “high placed” source with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has said that a plan is “under consideration” for Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley Sector (RGV) to begin releasing illegal border crossers who claim asylum without issuing a Notice to Appear (NTA) – meaning they will be released without a court date.

Such a decision would be unprecedented if enacted and would place the responsibility of seeking an asylum hearing on the migrants through Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or legal assistance.

The source says the reasoning for the decision is that the situation has “become so dire that Border Patrol agents have no choice but to release people nearly immediately after apprehension because there is no space to hold people even to do necessary NTA paperwork.”

The process of issuing each migrant an NTA can take hours per individual or family. This would not apply to unaccompanied minors.

The RGV, based in Texas, is ground zero for the surge in border crossings and is more than 700% overcapacity, according to reports.

If true, the controversial plan would come as the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is working to open another facility for unaccompanied child migrants in Pecos, Texas. The Temporary Influx Care Facility would house at least 500 unaccompanied minors to start, with the capacity to house 2,000 children. 

“While Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) has worked to build up its licensed bed capacity to almost 13,500 beds, additional capacity is urgently needed to manage both enhanced COVID-19 mitigation strategies and the increasing numbers of UC referrals from DHS,” an ORR spokesperson said. 

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) chief Alejandro Mayorkas said last week that border crossings were on track to be the highest in 20 years. 

CBP announced it had encountered more than 100,000 migrants at the border in February, while the numbers of child migrants in custody have also increased dramatically.

The Biden administration has been moving to increase the capacity of facilities to house migrants and building a number of extra facilities — including looking at NASA sites and military bases.

On Friday, The Washington Post reported that the Biden administration is considering flying migrants to states near the Canadian border for processing.

The backups at CBP are exacerbated by the nearly 4,500 unaccompanied children being held in detention centers and tent sites at the border, many beyond the legal three-day limit.

While Biden is seen by many as the “Immigration President,” he has a blunt message for immigrants thinking about crossing the border. During an interview, last week with ABC – an interview with ABC News, the president said quite-matter-of-factly, “Don’t Come.”

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11 thoughts on “Forced to Release Illegal Immigrants?”
  1. This is anchor baby tactic again . We have homeless of our own but DHS , in opinion , is in conflict.

  2. Unbelievable…two months into Biden’s presidency and we have an all out disaster at the Southern border! His HDS secretary is a complete liar and couldn’t manage his own house, let alone DHS!

  3. Democrat administration has fkd the American citizens and all immigrants that came to America the legal way. Democrats are concerned with law and order when it protects them, you aren’t worthy of protection.

  4. After giving this a lot of thought I have come to the conclusion that our maker is just giving us a huge wakeup call of what could and would take place under the democrats and approved by the devil. Let’s just get Trump back in and all these illegals out on a fast boat to China ASAP.

  5. For every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. Very soon we will hear of the abhorrent living conditions these immigrants will be forced to endure. Those being released upon capture will inevitably show a measurable influx of dangerous narcotics and a massive groundswell of forced sex workers. Not everyone on this planet has kindness in their hearts. There’s always an element of ruthless people that will invariably will capitalize on our weaknesses. There’s nothing new under the sun. Everything that’s being tried has been tried. It’s the very reason we came up with laws and infrastructure to mitigate those evil forces. We don’t have the established infrastructure to handle a nonstop influx of humanity. With legal immigration we were allowing one million new residents per year. The planet consists of over six billion people. Sooner of later the wrong person is going to be killed raped sold into slavery and this nonsense will come to an end. Unfortunately ideologs fail to understand the damages that will come to innocent people’s lives. Sometimes the worst results come from good intentions. If in fact good intentions are the driving force behind such a naive approach to a very complicated issue. I do not believe Biden has altruistic intentions. This like all things is about politics which is in turn about money. So which is the true evil, common sense or political spin?

  6. This is a despicable situation. Send these people back to their own country. Come to the U S legally. Biden already has messed up big time . He and His VP who does not salute the soldiers at AF2 are truly disgusting. So much for respect and curtesy.

  7. I hate to say this but the three ring circus we are seeing today from Biden the clown, Kamala, the laughing buffoon, POS Pelosi, “I’ll circle back – never” Psaki, and out of touch Schumer will all see a far different country come 2022! Democrats think this open borders sh*t makes an automatic victory in 2022… far from it! You see, people on both sides of the aisle will both be voting republican as centrist democrats will leave in droves from the complete failure policies of the clown! The democrat ticket has an IQ average of an ant! And that’s giving the ants a bad rap! Forget about this administration’s first 100 days, in the short 8 weeks (56 days), Biden has managed to throw away 1.5 million high paying jobs between the Keystone pipeline and the Trump border wall! Psaki will circle back on this I’m sure. Biden couldn’t leave the virus alone, no, he had a better way to get us out from under… Not quite, he proved he and his entire cabinet couldn’t just can’t handle ANYTHING! If Biden’s three face plants boarding AF1 didn’t scream “I’m a pathetic old man who shouldn’t be allowed to be a school crossing guard” and yet he has the missile codes. Can’t even get to 1st A., 2nd A and more. Trump did an incredible job despite 2 failed impeachments. America First!

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