Survival Prepping with Natural Remedies

Survival Prepping with Natural Remedies

Prepping isn’t just about food, water, and weapons. Depending on what happens, medical supplies may be more important than food when SHTF. But instead of handing your money over to Big Pharma, we suggest you put your faith into the natural remedies that mankind has trusted for thousands of years.

Plus, when used correctly, natural remedies have virtually no side effects. You don’t have to wait for an emergency to use the following remedies. Put away the prescriptions and try them out today!

#1 Apple Cider Vinegar
From digestive problems to cancer prevention and energy enhancement, apple cider vinegar does it all. Other uses include weight loss, topical applications, eye drops, and anti-itch treatment.

#2 Garlic
Apart from being delicious, organic garlic is a universal cure and prophylaxis treatment. Garlic will improve your overall health by boosting your immune system.

#3 Honey
A perfect replacement for refined sugar, honey also has topical skin care and first aid benefits that are far better than toxic cosmetic treatments.

#4 Coconut Oil
Head over to Whole Foods and pick up some organic virgin coconut oil. Praised as a “miracle,” this stuff is said to prevent and even cure heart disease as well as promote weight loss.

#5 Bergamot Juice
Bergamot juice is a great source of vitamins and is perfect for controlling cholesterol levels. This super anti-oxidant also has anti-aging properties.

#6 Aloe Vera
Long considered a healing plant, aloe vera is a go-to treatment for burns and skin conditions.

#7 Pepper
Organic pepper can be used to treat nerve pain, arthritis, and to stall a heart attack. It can ease pain, help slow bleeding, and provide anti-bacterial properties.

#8 Super Seeds
Seeds like flax and chia can help prevent breast, prostate, and colon cancers. They contain lignans and Omega 3 AMA, ingredients that can inhibit cancer growth.

#9 Steam Distilled Water
Steam distilled water contains no additives and has the ability to effectively clean (especially the skin). It’s structure is able to draw toxins and heavy metals out of your system.

#10 Hydrogen Peroxide
In many countries, H202 is used to treat systemic illnesses including cancer. It is also a common topical disinfectant. When used properly, H202 can be used internally as well.