BREAKING: An Ex-Obama Official Is Ecstatic Over 9-11 Hack of the Texas GOP

BREAKING: An Ex-Obama Official Is Ecstatic Over 9-11 Hack of the Texas GOP

A former official with the Obama Administration says that – the cyberhack of a Texas GOP website on 9/11 – of all days – “made my day.”

Fox News is reporting that the website of the Texas Republican Party was hacked on Saturday – -the 20th Anniversary of the 9-11 Attacks — by a group that claimed to be protesting the state’s newly enacted abortion law.

Among those reacting to the news was Jon Cooper, a former New York financial adviser to President Biden and former President Barack Obama.

“It made my day,” Cooper wrote on Twitter on Saturday, as the nation marked 20 years since the 9/11 terror attacks.

Cooper served as national finance chairman for Draft Biden 2016, Long Island campaign chairman for Obama, and served as majority leader in the legislature of Suffolk County, New York.

Last month, Cooper tweeted a photoshopped mashup of real-life vaccine-mandate protesters and the child character from the 1999 movie “The Sixth Sense” and added his comment: “I see soon-to-be-dead people.”

Added to the Texas GOP site over several hours Saturday were a Rick Astley music video, a lewd photograph, and a statement claiming the state’s Republicans were trying to take away women’s rights, Texas Public Radio reported.

“Texas: Taking voices from women to promote theocratic erosion of church/state barriers,” the message said, according to the news outlet.

The group conducting the hack identified itself as “Anonymous” with a banner across the top of the page, according to reports.

The controversy is all over Texas Senate Bill 8, which many supporters call the “heartbeat bill,” which took effect Sept. 1 after being passed by the state’s GOP-led Legislature and signed into law by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott. The U.S. Supreme Court voted 5-4 not to block the law, but on Sept. 3, a Texas judge issued a temporary restraining order shielding the state’s abortion clinics from facing lawsuits that are permitted under the new law. A hearing in the case is now scheduled.

Meanwhile, the Biden-led U.S. Justice Department has filed a lawsuit against Texas, claiming the state’s new law is unconstitutional.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and other Republicans have vowed to defend the new law.

“Biden should focus on fixing the border crisis, Afghanistan, the economy and countless other disasters instead of meddling in states’ sovereign rights,” Paxton wrote on Twitter. “I will use every available resource to fight for life.”

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  1. Well, the democrats have gotten out of hand. They want to claim “My body, my decision for abortion, and now they are being the biggest hypocrites ever, deciding that it is mandatory to get a COVID vaccination. Come on people. Where are you? Speak up. Let’s get the Democrats out of office. They are here with cheating in the 2020 election. Every swing state is trying to prove it, but the Democrats are doing everything they can to stop it.

    1. 100% on point and 100% correct…every word! Pay attention to those words folks, or the America we know and love will be a distant memory!
      Great post sir.

  2. Do you want your country run by genocidal tyrants? All you baby murder lovers are probably next in line for ”termination” when you get old or terminally ill. It has already started in Europe you know. The ”Courts” can decide when you can or cannot be denied healthcare and if you’re ”terminal”, or ”depressed” you can be have ”assisted suicide”. You see, keeping healthcare costs down will require sacrifices. Not a blatant as the Nazi Extermination of the Jews, Catholic Priests and ”dissidents” but they’ll eliminate you regardless. Be careful what you say on the phone or on line, they’ll come after you if you get feisty…………………Keep electing the Marxists disguised as democrats.

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